Genshin Impact. Shirikoro Peak puzzle - how to solve it?

 In the new Genshin Impact mini-guide, we introduce the Shirikoro Peak puzzle. If you are also interested in how to solve it, read on.

How to Solve the Shirikoro Peak Puzzle in Genshin Impact

You need to clear the fog, we will complete the mission "Through the fog". You need to make offerings on the perches located in the trees that resemble the branches of the thunderous sakura. You need to touch the base of the tree, after which three feathers will be scattered around the area. They are visible on the minimap, you will need to collect them.

In the case of the feathers at Sirikoro Peak, upon activation, when they touch the base of the tree, the feathers are submerged. You will need to drain the lake. To do this, you will need to escort the nearest fur seals to their yards - there are three such seals. Use your elemental vision to make it easier to find the fairy. After the seals return to their yards, the lake will be drained. You will find all the feathers next to each other in the cave, north of the tree. One feather can be picked up at once. In order to take other feathers, you will have to open the vault door. Note the two paths leading to the door. You need to electrify crystals along these paths. Place the relay stones next to the unlit crystals of the paths - they should connect with the cumulative stones. Opening the door will give you another feather. The last feather is again behind the locked door - here you need to lead three fairies to their courtyards. One is directly in front of you at the top of the fallen pillar, the second is in the room on the right side, the third is behind the destructible stone wall on the left. Finally, you'll have to electrify the crystals along the tracks again to get the last feather.

That's all there is to know about how to solve the Shirikoro Peak puzzle in Genshin Impact. 

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