Genshin Impact. Sitoka sinks - where to find them?

 A new small guide to the game Genshin Impact is dedicated to shells for Shitoka. We will tell you where to find them in this game.

Where can I find sinks for Sitoki in Genshin Impact?

On Tsurumi Island, you need to pick up a blue shell - then Shitoki will appear. You can find such a shell south of the Statue of Seven, near the Wavewalker point. Next, for Sitoka, you will need to find three more shells. The first is northeast of Mount Cannes. Look for an abandoned altar that has several pots next to it. Break the pots, there will be a second sink behind one of them.

In search of the third shell, head west from Autake Plains. Near the shore you will find a sunken ship, next to it look for a shell. The fourth shell is Sirikoro Peak. Pay attention to the Electrogran tree, it can be used as a guide. Next to the electrogranum there will be a puzzle with the stone peaks of the Thunderer, and the shell will be somewhere in a puddle.

And that's all there is to know about where to find Sitoki sinks in Genshin Impact. 

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