Genshin Impact. Tsurumi Island Star Gems - How To Find Them?

 In the new Genshin Impact guide, we talk about Star Gems. More specifically, you will learn how to find them in the game and how to use them.

How to find and how to use Star Gems in Genshin Impact?

Find the first Star Pearl in the ruins near Sirikoro Peak. You need to go along the passage to the round door, open it, and to the right of the round door there will be an image of a thunderbird. Use the Strange Feather - get a pearl.

Second Star Pearl - Go left from the round door. The second drawing will be near the first. Do the same and get a second exquisite chest with another pearl.

The third pearl - then go all the same to the left of the round-shaped door. You will see a ladder with a small puddle, the drawing of the Thunderer will be above the puddle.

Pearls can be used here in the ruins, in a puzzle with three electro fairies - you will find a hint where the Open button will appear. As a result, you will receive a Luxurious chest.

And that's all there is to know about how to use the Star Gems on Tsurume Island in Genshin Impact.

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