GTA Online: Fastest Heli - The Best Helicopters 2021


GTA Online: Fastest Heli - The Best Helicopters 2021

Are you looking for the fastest helicopter in GTA 5 Online ? We show you the list of the fastest helicopters in 2021 and their top speeds.


What helicopters are there in GTA Online? You can find a wide variety of helicopters in and around Los Santos around the world. The selection ranges from light vehicles used for transport to heavily armed helicopters with machine guns and guided missiles.

What do you need fast helicopters for? You can race them, complete missions, or have fun in the open world. Armed helicopters are a great help, especially on the missions for Heist preparations. 

We will update this article here regularly for you as soon as there are new, fast helicopters.

List of the fastest helicopters from GTA Online - as of 2021

This is how it is sorted: In this overview we show you two tables.

  •     The fastest helicopters sorted by lap time
  •     The fastest helicopters sorted by top speed 

We make this distinction for the various uses of the helicopter. In races, lap times are often more important than top speed.

We get the data for this from YouTuber Broughy1322, who has made it his business to put all vehicles and planes through their (via paces ). At top speeds, he calculates the speed over a longer period of time. So not the top during a boost. We use his analysis for our tables.

Note: The speedometers and cockpit instruments in GTA Online are not particularly reliable in experience. Broughy's numbers correspond to the “real” speed of the helicopters. It is quite possible that GTA Online sometimes shows you different values ​​for the speed. But that doesn't change the ranking. 

The thing to note is that there are many variables when it comes to top speed in GTA Online. Which may lead to different (and higher) top speeds. Beyond that, however, is the fact that the in-game speedometer and other forms of speed measurement either do not work or are at least inaccurate ( example on YouTube ). So if you compare this to your own observations, you will most likely get wrong results.

Explanation of the YouTuber Broughy on the calculation of the speeds - source 

The fastest helicopters sorted by top speed 

placement Helicopter model speed
11 Buzzard 233.4 km/h
10 Frogger 239 km/h
9 SuperVolito 239.4 km/h
8 Annihilator Stealth 239.8 km/h
7 Sea Sparrow 247.4 km/h
6 Havok 248.2 km/h
5 Swift 251.9 km/h
4 Shark 253.1 km/h
3 Swift Deluxe 253.9 km/h
2 Flights 259.5 km/h
1 Sparrow 271.6 km/h 

This is special: in second place you will find the Volatus. The model has been around for a long time in the world of GTA Online and is considered a “luxury”. Because the fellow travelers in the back seat are served champagne and the helicopter costs 2,295,000 GTA dollars. 

 In the first place you will find the Sparrow. It's still quite new and came with the Cayo Perico DLC into play . Although the helicopter does not offer champagne on board, it is heavily armed and super fast. In addition, with a purchase price of 1,815,000 GTA dollars, it is still quite affordable.

The fastest helicopters sorted by lap time 

placement Helicopter model speed
11 Buzzard 0:57,523
10 Frogger 0:56,757
9 FH-1 Hunter 0:55,902
8 Sea Sparrow 0:55,535
7 SuperVolito 0:55,489
6 Flights 0:55,388
5 Havok 0:55,234
4 Sparrow 0:54,997
3 Swift 0:54,953
2 Swift Deluxe 0:54,484
1 Shark 0:54,368

This is special: Despite its impressive top speed, the Sparrow cannot keep up when it comes to lap times. Instead, even the heavy combat helicopter FH-1 Hunter made it into the top 10. The Akula even made it into first place as a stealth combat helicopter. 

What Makes the Fastest Helicopters So Good?

At this point we show you a few copies of the helicopters mentioned, which you should definitely have on your screen.

  •     The expensive Akula attack helicopter with the best lap time
  •     The Sparrow with the highest top speed
  •     The Swift Deluxe as an all-rounder for a whopping 5 million GTA dollars 

If you want to have a closer look at other helicopters on this list, write us a comment

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