How can I sell items at the dealer in New World?


How can I sell items at the dealer in New World?

New World does some things differently than classic MMORPGs. So the focus is much more on crafting and collecting materials. It happens again and again that the inventory overflows and you walk through the world more slowly. We reveal how you can better manage your inventory and sell items.

Can you just sell items? Yes and no. In New World there are no classic dealers who buy your items for a few thalers. This is very unusual for MMORPGs.

However, there are alternative ways to sell:

  •     You can sell the items to other players at the trading post. However, that does cost a trading fee.
  •     You can trade with other players on the spot. To do this, however, you have to have other players on site. 

If you can't or don't want to sell your items directly, you also have two other alternatives:

  •     You can store your materials in settlements and then access them again later. Note, however, that each camp is linked to the corresponding settlement.
  •     You can simply drag the items out of the inventory and drop them. Even then, they no longer burden your inventory weight, but are lying around for everyone in the world. 

If you don't want to run back to a settlement all the time because you are 200 weight full, you have another alternative. Because you unlock pocket slots during your playing time. And that in turn increases your inventory weight. 

Use bags to collect more material

How do you make a bag? Bags come in 4 different levels and they can be made as an armorsmith in the clothes shop: 

bag Skill Material weight
Raues Leder 0 45 rough leather, 25 linen,
10 iron ingot, lesser rune of holding
Coarse leather 50 45 coarse leather, 25 satin,
10 iron ingot, great rune of holding
Plain leather 100 45 plain leather, 25 linen,
10 Iron Ingot, Greater Rune of Holding
Treated leather 150 45 treated leather, 25 linen,
10 iron bars, grandiose rune of holding

You can get the rune of holding from your faction dealer or you can buy it at the trading post.

You can also add special raw materials during manufacture. They bring bonus effects such as wood or leather adding less weight to your inventory.

How many pockets are there? At levels 10, 30 and 45 you unlock another bag each. In theory, you can increase your weight from 200 with the 3 large bags to 1,100. 

What else can you do for more storage space? If you need additional storage space, you can buy a house and store it there in chests. You also get area reputation on a regular basis. There you can increase the number of storage spaces in the settlement of the respective area. 

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