How do I get Coins and Gems in Boom Beach Frontlines?


How do I get Coins and Gems in Boom Beach Frontlines?

Coins and Gems are needed to comfortably advance in Boom Beach Frontlines! But what are the different ways to get it?

Boom Beach Frontlines is Supercell's brand new mobile game! Released for the moment only in Canada, it is possible to take advantage of it in other countries through a VPN. You will be able to discover this new addicting game, which offers Battle, allowing you to win various rewards.

These rewards include coins, which are one of the two forms of currency in the game, along with gems! But what are all the ways to get coins and gems in Boom Beach Frontlines? We explain all the possibilities below. 

How do I get gems and coins in Boom Beach Frontlines? 

There are two types of currency available in Boom Beach Frontlines, each with their own purpose: coins and gems. They are obtained in different ways, which you can find below! To get gems in Boom Beach Frontlines, you will only have two possible solutions:

  • Find it in the Boom Boxes you open
  • Buy some in the shop

Coins , on the other hand, are obtained in three different ways:

  • By winning Battles
  • By opening Boom Boxes
  • By buying them in the shop in exchange for gems

Obtaining gems will be useful for you to obtain coins only, from the shop! So don't hesitate to spend them as soon as you can. The coins, for their part, will be used to improve your different cards when an upgrade is offered. 

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