How do I know if the servers have a problem?

How do I know if the servers have a problem?


While attempting to play Battlefield 2042, you may encounter the EA com unable to connect error message. We explain in this article how to solve this bug.

In Battlefield 2042, as in many other games, you will occasionally experience connection problems.

If this happens on the latest installment of EA's famous war game, you'll see an error message mentioning .

How do I resolve connection issues in Battlefield 2042?

Here are some ideas and solutions for possible connection issues for Battlefield 2042.

Are the Battlefield 2042 servers online?

Battlefield 2042 servers may be offline. To find out if this is the case, go to the dedicated EA page ( source ) and remember to click on “ Server status ” to check the status of the server in connection with your platform.

Is your account banned?

Remember in some cases to check if your account has not been banned by EA. If your account is banned or suspended, remember to check your emails to see if you have not received a message informing you of this decision from the publisher. In some cases, this email may be in your spam or junk mail.

Is your subscription on consoles still active?

Then check that your subscription is still active for the platform concerned:

  • PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5
  • Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S 

This information is given to you in the subscription management on your profile linked to the game platform. If you are no longer a subscriber, consider renewing it .

Is your EA Play subscription still active?

It is also possible that your EA Play subscription is no longer active if you picked up your game through that subscription. In this case, consider renewing it.

Verify your account

You may receive a message informing you that your account is in use .

So check that you are disconnected on your other devices before reconnecting. If this is not the case, see the article dedicated to account hacking done by EA ( source )

Check your connection status

Finally, you may be having trouble connecting due to your internet network. In that case, here's what you can do:

  • Restart your router  : Turn off your router and restart it a minute later to see if you can reconnect.
  • If you are on consoles  : You can just turn it off and then restart it, in some cases this will solve your problem.
  • Change DNS : This solution is undoubtedly the most complicated for the uninitiated, but it will be easy for you to modify your DNS (Domain Name System) if you come to follow the explanations provided by  Google  and their  free service .
  • If you are connecting via WiFi  : If you are connecting via a WiFi connection, your connection may not be stable enough, so we recommend using a wired connection via an Ethernet cable to stabilize your connection.
If your issue is still not resolved, then you can check out EA's article on connection issues ( source ) or submit a service ticket on EA Help ( source ) to have an advisor assist you in resolving it. .

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