How to activate Jet Vault Crystal in Warframe


How to activate Jet Vault Crystal in Warframe

One of the locations in Warframe is the Isolated Storage . Some of its branches can only be reached by activating reactive crystals. Opening them is a kind of puzzle, only very simple. But some players still have problems with it. Here's how to activate the Jet Vault Crystal in Warframe.

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What is storage, where is it and what is of value in it

The Isolated Storage Facility is a structure built by the Entrati family on the Mars satellite Deimos. For safety and due to the peculiarities of the planet's atmosphere, the Storage was placed not on its surface, but in its bowels. However, after the infection of Deimos, the Entrati abandoned their creation, having previously sealed it.

This decision was not accidental - the family left a lot of valuable resources and information in the Storage, which they planned to take in the future. The main thing for which they were so worried was the Necromech war machines. As a reward for passing the Storages, you can just get a lot of parts for pumping them.

What are reactive crystals and where the player needs to activate them

Reactive Crystals are special crystals with four sharp spikes that are part of the Vault door locking system. If activated correctly, the doors will open. As a rule, they block the way to valuable resources.

Crystals must be activated to open the following doors:

  • In a room with rings ;
  • In the tunnel .

The opening process will be slightly different. Let's consider each case.

How to open a door in a room with rings

In the room with rings, by default, only two crystals are open. To activate them, you need to inflict abyssal damage . The easiest way to do this is with an operator amplifier . After that, the first two crystals will disappear, but instead, others will appear, previously hidden behind partitions along the walls. At the same time, several monsters will be released on the player. You need to kill them again to deal damage to crystals. Then another pair will open.

All this will be repeated several times. When the player shoots all the crystals, the rings will fold together and a teleport will appear between them. With its help, you can go to another section of the Storage to continue exploring the location.

In the tunnel

One of the Vault tunnels ends with a door with four strange symbols resembling hieroglyphs. It also opens by activating crystals. At first, there will be only one in front of her. After inflicting abyssal damage on it, Loyd will appear, who must be escorted to do his job. All this time, monsters will attack him, you need to fight them off. If they take away all health from Loyd, the mission will fail, and the door will not be able to open in the future.

When Loyd is done, he will have to be escorted back to the door. Now reactive crystals will appear on the sides of it: 2 to the right and 2 to the left. To open the door itself, they must be activated. But not arbitrarily, but in a certain order.

Above each crystal is a symbol similar to one of the hieroglyphs on the door. You need to shoot at the crystals in the same sequence in which the signs on the door are placed . The correct order is from top to bottom. That is, you need to start with the topmost character. When everything is done, the door will open. Loot is waiting for the player behind it.

Where else are there reactive crystals

The two doors mentioned above are not the only passages that can be opened using reactive crystals. There are many more of them in the Vault. Crystals are activated in the same way. Well, or after solving a simple puzzle, as in the case of the door at the end of the tunnel. The only thing to be aware of is that in some places the developers have hidden crystals, so you will have to look for them.


Reactive Crystals are part of the door-locking system for the Vault on Deimos. They are activated by applying void damage to them. Sometimes before that you need to solve a simple puzzle or kill enemies. Full activation opens the door and makes it possible to continue exploring the location or collect valuable loot.

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