How to Become a Strong Counter-Strike Global Offensive Player


How to Become a Strong Counter-Strike Global Offensive Player

It's not a secret for anyone to achieve success in the level of personal skill in the game ( skill ), you need to train a lot, but simple training and spending days on public servers is not enough to become a really strong player in Counter-Strike Global Offensive . This article will be divided into several points that will further help you not only enjoy the game wisely, but at the same time become better in the eyes of your friends and opponents.

1. Get rid of unnecessary things.

First you need to understand yourself and overcome, so to speak, your gaming fears. Many players make a huge mistake, sit in one place, are afraid to come face to face with the enemy and wait for a stronger player in the hope of killing him, but in 80% of cases this leads to a crash.

So what can you do about it? They are not afraid to play an aggressive game, this item will help you develop strategic skills, understanding the enemy and by anticipating his actions, you will gain the upper hand over him, and if you sit and wait, you were both a weak player and will remain him. The following points will only be suitable for those who are not in the habit of camping and biding their time.

2. The duration of the game.

Do not forget about reality, you do not need to force the brain by spending time for days in the game, 3-5 hours a day with breaks for walking, breathing fresh air, eating well, drinking tea, etc. is enough.

3. Accuracy of shooting.

Find your ideal sensitivity in the game, too much sensation will not give the accuracy of shooting in CS: GO , select the sensitivity such that you can visit a certain point at medium distances as accurately as possible with river jerks, both in motion and on the spot. If you have a dead mouse with a dead sensor and no mat, buy the same X7 and a cloth mat . This model of the mouse is used by a lot of players in Counter-Strike and the aiming is not even bad.

You can hone the accuracy of targeting in the game on the Aim Botz map which can be found in the Steam Workshop, this map has a variety of training options, with any weapon, different speed modes, and even different presets.

4. Observing the game of professionals

More and more CS: GO tournaments are held and everyone who has a game can watch tournaments live in CS: GO itself , watch such games, watch players from professional teams, gain experience from them.

5. Play DeathMatch.

In search of a very large number of game servers, including DeathMatch servers, but do not confuse the official CS: GO servers and those that are in search of communities, it is there that you yourself have to find a CS: GO DM server, preferably with FFA mode - what does each mean for himself, on such servers it is very good to hone your skills, for example, after you have practiced on the Aim Botz map . Find a regular DM FFA, play on it, then you can go to DM FFA OnlyHeadshot , there are also enough such servers, this will be the very thing to test your skill, because on such a server you will need all your skills - a fresh head, aiming accuracy, reaction and a little tactics.

Bottom line:

All 4 points are the foundation that in the future will greatly help you during the game.

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