How to change the font in CS: GO

How to change the font in CS: GO

 The desire to further personalize the game client arises not only among professional gamers, but also among those who spend most of their time on public servers. Some options can be changed directly in the shooter's settings, but there are also some that will take some tinkering to change. Among the popular requests in this category, the most attention is paid to the question of how to change the font in CS GO. The procedure itself is legal, allowing you to significantly change the visual design.

The archive of fonts for CS: GO is stored in the Steam folder, so you can't just replace them. In order to change the font, you must first download the ready-made versions, and then replace them in the game library. This procedure will not cause your account to be blocked, so you can do it without fear of changes.

Finding ready-made fonts and replacing them

A significant number of CS GO fonts can be found at The base available there contains all the existing and ready-to-install options. Before you change the font in CS GO, you can take a closer look at its appearance and understand whether it suits you or not.

After choosing the font you like, you need to download it to your computer as an archive. For installation, the downloaded archive is unpacked into the Steam folder with the replacement of files. If you encounter problems with this operation, the downloaded files can be changed manually. To do this, open the Steam folder, find the CS GO folder in the SteamApps / common directory. Next, the resource-flash directory opens , into which the files in the downloaded archive are placed. The archives with fonts presented on the site already contain a detailed path, so for installation you only need to replace specific files by following the specified path.


All additional design in the game is a personal matter of taste. If in this respect something changes for you, and you want to return to the default settings, you will need to run the steam: // validate / 730 command by writing it into the address bar of your browser. The default display will be returned. After that, you can download and try another font by installing it in the above way.

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