How to complete the Lion Tamer achievement in BitLife - Where to find and rescue lions?


How to complete the Lion Tamer achievement in BitLife - Where to find and rescue lions?

To save the lion and complete the Lion Tamer achievement in Bitlife, you first need to create a character and select a country in Africa or any country that has historically had lions in its region.

In these countries, more lions are common when players walk in the game. Because of this, the first step towards obtaining the Lion Tamer achievement is to start by creating a character who was born in one of these countries.

We recommend starting by choosing countries like Monaco , Congo or Ethiopia. After your character is created, age until you have the full Mind and Body Activity tab unlocked. When everything is unlocked, you will need to click on the Mind and Body Activity tab.

In the "Mind and Body" section, you will need to find an option called " go for a walk " . Choosing this option will give you a wide range of options to customize the length and type of walk you can take.

We recommend choosing any type of walk and increasing it to about two to one hour at a time. You will need to keep walking in this time range until you eventually meet a lion.

When you encounter a lion, you will have the opportunity to rescue him if you get the right meeting. Choose the correct option to save the lion when you meet him and complete the Lion Tamer achievement in Bitlife.

You can also get an encounter with a lion simply by getting old, but in general, encounters with animals are usually extremely rare . Because of this, you will find yourself doing a lot of walks, or getting old until you meet a meeting. 

There is also a method outlined in a post Reddit that states if you play the game like you're trying to get a lazy achievement, you'll get more popups.

The post also claims that increasing the number of pop-ups will allow you to meet the lion faster. We've tested this personally and there seem to be more popups in the game, so we recommend using this method of your choice. 

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