How to defeat the final boss Spawn in Back 4 Blood - battle guide

Detailed instructions for the battle with the final boss in Back 4 Blood with a description of the required cards and battle tactics

After completing three lengthy acts in Back 4 Blood, players meet in the finale with the Spawn - the most powerful opponents in the game. The battle with him is divided into three stages. During the battle, you will have to complete several tasks, simultaneously destroying hordes of zombies. In this guide, we'll show you how to stand up to the final boss and defeat the Abomination.

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Choosing the right cards 

Before the start of the fourth act, in which the players have to fight the Spawn, it is necessary to install special cards in the deck that will help to cope with the boss. It is recommended to select the following:

  1. Combat knife (attack). Replaces a normal hand strike with a combat knife and is considered a melee weapon.
  2. We pull out (utility). To release from the grip, you must hold down the corresponding action key. Adds + 66% to Pull Recovery Speed. The rollback speed is 60 seconds.
  3. Hellfire (mobility). Increases movement speed by 45% while firing and 5% movement speed without firing.
  4. Revenge for the Fallen (attack). Activates a team effect. If an ally is incapacitated, then the other partners receive 30% damage, 20% reload speed and infinite ammunition for 10 seconds.
  5. Death Mark (utility). The mutants marked by the player are highlighted and the whole team deals 10% more damage to such opponents.
None of the presented cards above will turn out to be meaningless, since players will receive each of them at the very beginning of the level. It is also recommended to set several cards for additional damage to the enemy's weak points and from weapons, a decrease in attack on allies and an increase in ammunition.

You can do this at your own discretion, depending on the style of play and personal desire, since these enhancements have an auxiliary position in our deck. It is desirable that at least one of the characters is trained as a medic (more is possible). To do this, set cards on the effectiveness of healing items and the speed at which an ally returns to service.

First step

First step

During the initial phase, players fight the Spawn's tentacles that creep out of the ground. Despite the fact that this is the simplest stage, you can also lose the battle here. The tentacles crawl out and hit the ground hard, dealing high damage to the player on hit. There are several safe places that these scions cannot reach.

Guide to final battle for back for blood

You can hide from the first tentacle by pressing your back against the wall next to a huge pile of tires. This place is located on the right side of the street.

Back 4 blood final battle guide

You can protect yourself from the second appendage on a small platform on the left. It is located at the point where the characters entered the current arena.

Final battle guide back 4 blood

The last two tentacles are on opposite sides to the left of the above platform. The third is easily destroyed from the area to the left of this location.

fourth safe point back for blood

The last branch cannot reach a small niche near the store. It should be borne in mind that during this battle, zombies will attack players endlessly. In addition, each destroyed tentacle will spill acid, so under no circumstances should you stand close to the processes. After destroying the four limbs of the boss, we jump into the holes and proceed to the next stage.

Second phase

Guide to the final battle in Back 4 Blood - Fighting the Spawn in the second phase

In this phase, you need to shoot at the mouth of the Abomination in order to inflict the greatest damage on the enemy. She sticks out of the wall and does not move at all. Also in the new arena are ammo boxes. They should be opened when the boss covers his mouth, and the tentacles will not attack the characters for a short period of time. It is recommended to beware of these appendages. They spit acid and spill it in the middle of the arena.

Guide to the final battle in Back 4 Blood - Shoot accurately into the mouth of the monster

After a while, the tentacles will hit the ground. You can avoid them. To do this, you need to stand in a free zone between them. After such a lunge, the creature will begin to growl and open its mouth. We inflict as much damage as possible and throw grenades and other explosive objects inside. This process is repeated many times, so the only task is to accurately dodge the blows of the tentacles.

Stage Three

Guide to the final battle in Back 4 Blood - At the third stage, the Spawn will try to hide in the caves

At this stage, the boss will try to run away from the cleaning squad. From this moment it is necessary to run through the caves and shoot at the weak points of the Spawn. In total, he has four open points, each of which must be destroyed:

  • Top back.
  • Left.
  • On right.
  • Below the tail.
Guide to the final battle in Back 4 Blood - Shooting at undefended points

In this arena, you can move freely, so getting to the weak point will not be difficult. The boss will spew acid, and there will be even more small opponents. Also, you cannot approach the Spawn too close, otherwise the enemy will crush the hero. You need to pay attention to the movement of the boss so as not to get in his way. We finish off the enemy and enjoy the final video.

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