How to disable HUD for beautiful screenshots


How to disable HUD for beautiful screenshots

Almost everyone has seen cool CS: GO screenshots on the Internet and sometimes you want to do something similar or you need to shoot a video based on the demo. Most players are faced with the fact that due to the scope, the hands of the model and the HUD itself, the real result is very far from the desired one. In fact, it is enough to remember a few simple console commands.

Disable HUD

Open your console and enter there:

  • sv_cheats "1" // activates cheats
  • cl_drawhud "0" // Disables HUD
  • impulse 200 // hides the weapon and hands of the model
  • crosshair "0" // disables crosshair

Enabling HUD

To return all settings, open the console and enter:

  • cl_drawhud «1»
  • scroll at your mousewheel to activate your weapon and hands
  • crosshair «1»

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