How to find out the link to exchange in steam CS GO

How to find out the link to exchange in steam CS GO

 Today, skins in the popular CS: GO shooter are firmly entrenched in the gaming niche. They have become more than just another weapon design. You can get them while playing on the official Valve servers, which is quite rare. Also, they are often played on various websites and publics. The easiest way to get it is to exchange with other players using a simple link. You can use this method even if the user is not in the contact list.

It is for this reason that many CS: GO players ask themselves the following question: "Where can I get a link for exchange in the Steam client?" We will answer this and other questions in this article. Let's take a closer look at the procedure for obtaining a link in the incentive.

  • - First, launch Steam and connect to your personal account. After we enter the section "Inventory".
  • - Further, in the loaded window, we find the "More" button, hover the cursor and select "Privacy Settings" in the list that appears.
  • - We are looking for a special block called "Inventory", where in the "Open" line we put a tick and save the changes.
  • - After that we enter the "Inventory" again and click on the "Exchange offers" button.
  • - In the right corner of the loaded page, go to the item "Who can send me exchange offers", after which in the main part of the client we find the link to the exchange.

All is ready! Now you can easily exchange existing skins with other users of the service. If you need the link again, then you can use the quick jump to get the information you need.

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