How to get wood in New World and how to pump woodworking skill

 We tell you the best way to mine wood in New World: tools for mining wood and available methods of processing wood

You can get a tree and branches in New World with or without tools. At low levels of pumping, you can mine a tree (Green Wood) with your bare hands, picking branches from small bushes. But to extract a large amount of wood, you will definitely need to craft an ax. In addition, all harvested wood must be processed on a special machine (Woodshop). Today we will tell you the best ways to extract and process wood in the game.


Timber extraction methods

In New World, you can collect such a resource as "Green Wood", which is useful for crafting various tools, building a camp, or further processing to obtain quality wood. As I already noted, branches can be collected without special tools. To do this, just go to any small bushes and press the interaction key. Although the hero will quickly collect branches from the bushes in this way, only a few units of the resource will be added to your inventory.

Timber extraction methods

To increase the speed of gathering branches, you first need to craft a Flint Logging Ax at the Workshop. To craft one ax, collect 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood.

Timber extraction methods

Now that you have the ax, you can chop down the Young tree. To collect other types of trees, you will need to pump the logging skill. For example, to cut down mature trees (Mature Trees), you need to increase the skill to level 50. You will gain skill experience with every tree felled in the open world.

Timber extraction methods

How to process wood

Unlike young trees, when harvesting wood from mature tree species, you will receive not only branches (Green Wood), but also mature wood (Aged Wood). Here is a complete list of woodworking resources that can be obtained in the open world or purchased from vendors:

  • Wood (Wood): can be obtained from Bushes, Dead Trees, Young Trees;
  • Mature wood (Aged Wood): can be extracted with Mature Trees in the presence of 50-level production of wood;
  • Wyrdwood : can be obtained from Wyrdwood Trees at 100 and 125 timber harvesting levels;
  • Ironwood : can be obtained from Ironwood Trees if you have 175 timber production;
  • Converter materials (Common Material Converter): available from fractional trader;

  • Converter materials (Advanced Material Converter): available from fractional trader;
  • Converter materials (Masterwork Material Converter): available from fractional trader;
  • Weak solvent (Weak Solvent): can be obtained by treatment of stone, and get searching the chests in the open world.

How to process wood

Wood processing can only be done in a wood workshop. Typically, such workshops are located in the capital of each region. Young wood (Green Wood) is processed into regular wood (Timber), after which it can be used to craft various items or craft more complex resources. The recipes for the available types of wood can be tracked in the Woodshop menu.

How to increase the level of woodworking

For every item crafted in Woodshop, you will receive woodworking experience. Of course, for creating items of level "0" you will receive significantly less experience than for creating items of level 50 and higher. But trying to raise the level of woodworking by making the simplest materials is not always the right decision. In this case, to gain experience you will need a lot more materials, namely "Green Wood" and "Aged Wood". Do not forget that in order to increase the level of woodworking, you will need to get a large amount of wood. At the same time, you will also pump up the logging skill.

How to level 50 woodworking

According to our calculations, in order to pump your woodworking skill to level 50, you will need to process a little over 1500 units of wood (Green Wood). Just get branches and process them into wood (Timber).

How to level 100 woodworking

Once you reach level 50 woodworking, you will be able to craft lumber for the first time. For this you need Green Wood and Aged Wood. In addition, you will need sandpaper, which you can find in chests in the open world or craft using a material converter (we described where to get material converters below). For processing all these materials, you will receive much less experience than before, but there is no other way to increase the level of woodworking.

How to level 100 woodworking

In every settlement, Woodshop has a standard second level. If you want to make a large amount of lumber, you must do so in a settlement where this building has been upgraded to at least the third level.

How to level 150 woodworking

Starting at level 100, you will be able to produce the first Wyrdwood boards. It is a very rare tree species that can be found in forests. Due to its rarity, Wyrdwood is highly prized among traders and costs a lot of money. To learn how to cut down such a tree species, you will have to increase the Logging level to level 100. Continue crafting Wyrdwood timber, lumber and planks to get your woodworking skill up to level 150.

How to get a Material Converter

At high levels of character pumping for wood processing, you will need to use sandpaper. This item can be crafted using the Material Converter.

How to get a Material Converter

You can get the converter from a representative of the faction you belong to. Talk to a faction representative, open the factions menu and look at the top right corner of the interface. Click on the "Buy" button. At this moment, a menu will open with all the available items for purchase.

  • Standard material converter (level III): 100 tokens, Observer rank required (3000 reputation);
  • Improved material converter (level IV): 200 tokens, requires the rank of the Chronicler faction (11,000 reputation);
  • Craftsman Material Converter (Tier V): 500 tokens, conspirator faction rank required (26,000 reputation).

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