How to give info without a microphone

 How to give info without a microphone

you will find out in this article!

  1. Open CS: GO and turn on the console, as standard on "~", if the console does not open go to the game settings, there will be an item associated with the console
  2. We register binds according to the bind principle * key * "say_team text".  You need to bind to free buttons!
  3. Binds template:

  • bind F3 “say_team A”
  • bind F4 “say_team B”
  • bind F5 “say_team mid”
  • bind F6 “say_team short”
  • bind F7 “say_team long”
  • bind F8 “say_team tunnel”
  • bind F9 “say_team CT”
  • bind F10 “say_team T”

       4. You can write absolutely any phrases!

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