How to Install Dragon Raja on PC in 2 Minutes - Quick Guide

How to Install Dragon Raja on PC in 2 Minutes - Quick Guide

 Dragon Raja is an unusual MMORPG with wide character development possibilities and a very detailed world.

First of all, it should be noted the excellent graphics and incredible atmosphere of the game. In Dragon Raja, the developers have paid a lot of attention to the small details "animating" the game character. The choice of answers influencing the course of the dialogue, the individual character and a wide choice of the character's appearance, small actions during the “idle” of the hero in one place, and much more create an impression close to reality, and thus perfectly immerse him in the game.


The graphics (for playing on a mobile device) are distinguished by their detail, richness of the world and excellent rendering. The world of the game is very lively and filled, even non-fans of online games will be interested in just wandering through unusual places and enjoying the views. Moreover, the game world covers almost the entire globe, and the developers make Dragon Raja an exciting journey with their unique vision of these places.

To all of the above, it is worth adding the possibility of almost automatic gameplay , which allows you to watch the game like an exciting adventure movie. It is required to warn in advance that for such an approach of the creators to the game, players pay with rather high system requirements, so Dragon Raja will feel good only on sufficiently powerful personal devices, and will also take up quite a lot of space - about 6 GB .

Unlike most online games, Dragon Raja has an intriguing and engaging storyline. The main character will have to try on the role of the dragon lord, who entered into a confrontation with hybrid people, and along the way the player will have to complete many interesting missions.

On its way around the world, Dragon Raja will not be alone, the opportunity to communicate with friends, hold parties, dance, meet new people, join clans - the possibilities of the game are almost endless. And a large selection of outfits will make it possible to externally correspond to every event in the player's life - whether it be a meeting with friends or a war with opponents.

Dragon Raja will be an excellent choice for all online RPG lovers and will bring a lot of pleasure to everyone who logs into the game.

How to play Dragon Raja from a PC

For those who prefer to play such beautiful and voluminous games not from mobile devices, but from a PC with a large screen and maximum immersion in the game, there is a simple solution - the Android emulator BlueStacks. This program allows you to use any mobile application from your PC.

Everything is quite simple:

  1. Download the android BlueStacks emulator from the developer's site .
  2. Find Dragon Raja in the emulator and install it .
  3. We play .

For those who are not familiar with such programs, below are detailed instructions on how to install BlueStacks and install the Dragon Raja game using this emulator.

Installing the BlueStacks emulator

To start working in the emulator, we progressively do the following:

  1. Go to the official website and download BlueStacks.
  2. Install it on your computer and run the program.
  3. The emulator will ask for a Google Account address upon launch. Here you can enter your own or create a new one.
  4. BlueStacks is ready to go.

Installing the game

Installing the game inside the emulator is simple and straightforward, especially for Google Play users.


  1. On the BlueStacks home page, we find the " Play Store " icon and from it we get to Google Play.
  2. In the search box, we drive in the name of the application and set it to install.
  3. After installing the game, click " Run " and get into the game.
After these actions, the game launcher icon will appear on the emulator desktop.

Now the game is available at any time from your PC.

BlueStacks settings to improve picture quality and increase FPS

To improve the quality of the graphics, the smoothness of the picture and the overall performance of the emulator, it is worth tweaking some settings. It's easy enough.

  1. On the top right, find the “hamburger” icon (3 stripes). Click it and select " Settings ".
  2. On the left, select the " Screen " section . Set your optimal screen resolution and DPI (pixel density). The higher the values, the better the picture will be. However, it makes no sense to set values ​​higher than that of your monitor. The higher the screen resolution, the greater the load on the video card - you should keep this in mind. Therefore, for weak PCs, it is recommended to set the resolution to 1280 × 720 and DPI 160.
  3. Then go to the " Engine " section . Scroll down to the Performance subsection . Allocate the program as much random access memory (RAM) and processor cores as possible. This will seriously speed up the work of games and help to avoid "brakes".
Fine. Now the picture will be smoother and the gaming performance will be better.

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