How to open the console in CS: GO, call the console in CS: GO


How to open the console in CS: GO, call the console in CS: GO

The modern online shooter CS GO is popular with gamers all over the world due to its clear graphics and uncomplicated gameplay. Beginners in the first few days are not interested in advanced settings - nothing should distract them from enjoying the game process. With an increase in the level of gamer's skill, there is a need for more thorough adjustments and customization of the interface. To optimize the gameplay, a special console has been developed in CS GO to help users change the location of the weapon or adjust the scope.

Older versions of the game, developed by another company, gave the console an important role. She was especially appreciated by experienced e-sportsmen. To call the console in version 1.6, it was enough to press the "~" key. In CS GO, everything is different - to turn on the console, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Enter the game, and then take turns to perform several actions;
  • Select the "Settings" tab at the top of the display, then click on "Game options" in the menu;
  • When the required panel is loaded, at the top of the display, click on "enable developer console". This button allows you to open the console in the CS: GO, where the corresponding commands will be entered.

Opening CSGO Command Window via Steam

Shell activation is done in the game itself, not on Steam. Keep this in mind if you're wondering why it won't open. A similar option is present on Steam and is activated through the client's library. To do this, you need to click "Properties", then - "Set launch parameters" and write "-console". For beginners, this method can be difficult.

If you are used to calling the console with the "~" key from old memory, you can activate it in the "mouse / keyboard" options. A more complex option is to find the toogleconsole item in the cfg folder, replacing the default f5 with the "~" character.

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