How to sell CS: GO items for real money


How to sell CS: GO items for real money

Absolutely any experienced CS: GO player has in his own inventory a lot of expensive, but completely unnecessary things that he would gladly sell for real money. Well, these items accumulate in a variety of ways:

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  • They are given as rewards in the game itself and for obtaining various achievements.
  • They can be purchased from the official Steam marketplace.
  • And, of course, they drop out on special roulette sites, moreover, in this case, everything depends only on luck, and therefore the personal baggage of each player is replenished with a wide variety of things.

And some items do cost a lot of money, such as the $ 1250 M9 Wave knife or the $ 4500 AWP Dragon Lore. Not surprisingly, some collectors have real treasures in their inventory. The only problem is how to turn this money into real money, because on the official Steam marketplace you can sell an item, but not withdraw funds to your card or electronic account.

Fortunately, there are several ways to sell expensive CS: GO items and turn them into real money, so if you have a real digital treasure, this article will be of great help to you.

Method 1 (risky) - direct trading with other players.

For these purposes, there are various VKontakte groups or thematic forums where people post ads for sale and find buyers. In this case, you set the desired price for the weapon yourself and communicate directly with the buyer. In such a situation, it is important to immediately receive payment from your client, or at least a tangible part of it, and only then offer an exchange. Unfortunately, often after the owners give their item, the buyer disappears without payment or does not pay the rest of the amount.

Method 2 (most beneficial) - use a trusted third-party site

This method is the most profitable and safe, as it allows you not to worry about the fact that the buyer will simply disappear, taking your things. In Russia, there are several large third-party sites for the sale of items from CS: GO. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of each of them, but I use Steamtrade myself. net, and everything is always clear with it. It is very simple to use it, and the money received can be instantly withdrawn to virtual wallets such as WebMoney, Yandex Money or QIWI, and to an ordinary bank card too. Well, plus there are often very lucrative offers for sale, and a couple of times I replenished my collection almost 2 times cheaper than it would cost me on the official Steam site.

How to make a sale step by step:

  • Go to the website, log in through your Steam.
  • For reliability, confirm your phone number and provide a link for exchange.
  • Choose the game CS: GO, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2 (Yes, here you can sell items and from them).
  • Next, you update your inventory, choose a weapon for sale and set your own price (there is an average price for each item on the site, so you will have something to build on).
  • That's it, now you only need to confirm the exchange and wait for your buyer.
The most convenient thing is that you don't have to wait for a specific person. As soon as someone wants to buy your weapon, the system will automatically exchange it, give the person an item, and transfer money from his account to you. Well, then it is at your discretion, you can either spend them to buy something you need, or simply withdraw them to your accounts.

Method 3 - (two-step) Withdrawing your money from your Steam account

If you have money on your Steam account and you want to withdraw it, then you just need to buy items for this amount on the official Steam site, and then go to Steamtrade. net, sell them here and cash them into your accounts.

Everything is quite simple, and after the first time you do everything automatically.

In the review, I indicated the site, since I myself have personally used it for a very long time and there were no problems there, as for other sites of a similar plan, I will not give the same 100 percent guarantee.

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