How to unlock all weapons achievements in CS: GO


How to unlock all weapons achievements in CS: GO

I will tell you how you can open all the achievements in weapons in cs: go at once, thereby getting the gold medal "Weapon Specialist".

So, let's begin. There is such a map fy_weapons_aqua, bots are placed there and all weapons and grenades are thrown.

You need to Download the map, drop it into C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo \ maps \

Next, go to the cs and write map fy_weapons_aqua to the console, your map is loaded. Be sure to go to CT and prescribe the following commands mp_limitteams 20 (that is, we put 20 bots) if it lags, then we put less than 10. Then write (also to the console) mp_maxrounds 999 - this is the number of rounds (so as not to restart the map)

Installation is complete. You can start earning achievements.

I wrote this article for those for whom achievements in the game are very important, but still can't open it myself.

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