How to win at Dota Underlords? Winning combinations and tactics

How to win at Dota Underlords? Winning combinations and tactics


Heartless + Savages + Murderers + Scaly

Assassins are quick to assemble and capable of destroying the enemy team in a matter of seconds. They also jump straight towards enemy heroes, which deal the main damage, prevent them from being dealt significant damage, and slash them before granting significant abilities.

6 assassins have a 25% chance to deal 400% damage with a critical attack, such an attack Wounds the victim for 3 seconds, reducing its healing by 100% (in combination with the Phantom Assassin's Mercy Strike ability , this is a fatal blow).

2 representatives of the heartless will remove -5 to the armor of all opponents on the field and the attacks of the assassins will be more painful.

2 savages receive +7 damage for each attack on an enemy or use of an ability that deals damage.

2 scaly ones will give allies + 30% magic resistance so that the team does not fall apart from the very first enemy abilities.

In the assembly, you can change the killers to others, more accessible. The same Morphling looks very good. There is also a Sea Tyrant in the strategy , because he can neutralize the entire enemy team with one ability and buy enough time for the assassins . But if the Sea Tyrant does not drop out in the late game, feel free to change to any other high-level character.

What problems can there be:

1. Murderers often find it difficult to kill neutrals.

2. A normal assembly of mages can blow us away very quickly.

3. Killing warriors is often problematic.


Warriors feel great at any stage of the game thanks to their large supply of health and armor. There are many cheap heroes among the warriors , which makes their full assembly available in the middle of the game and saves a lot of gold, which would be spent on replacing creatures in the shop.

6 warriors will receive +20 to armor.

It is worth diluting the peak with other trolls , first of all the Shaman of Shadows , Flying Rider and Witch Doctor . Since we already have a Troll warrior among the warriors ,

there will be 4 heroes in total on the field. This will give us a maximum gain of +65 to the attack speed of the trolls and +30 to the attack speed of the rest of the heroes. Also, the leader of the trolls grants your creatures the ability "Mini-stun": each attack can stun the target for 0.25 seconds with a 5% chance for each level of the troll alliance and + 15% to the chance of finding a Troll Warrior in the shop , if you have collected an alliance of trolls of at least the first level.

The last place can be taken by Enigma , he, in conjunction with the Shaman of shadows, will add the transformation of the offender into a chicken and make him jump 4 cells in a random direction, but only if the shaman is attacked and only with a 17% chance, and Enigma 's ability "Beat darkness ”looks very strong, given that the warriors will keep enemies in one zone. Also, the leader of the shamans makes it so that cursed, silenced and stunned enemies do not generate mana for taking damage. That with the leader of the trolls just goes perfectly.

About pick tactics:

Ax keeps enemies at one point, Tusk quickly deals good damage to single targets and helps to initiate, Juggernaut gives good damage in the area, Troll Warrior does a lot of damage from a distance, Master of Fates turns off nasty initiators (like the Temple Guardian ) or casters. The rest of the heroes are situational and serve for additional control. Two hexes in Sea Tyrant and Fiend completely turn the game around.

What we do not take in the peak of the warriors :

1. Slardar is good, but quickly falls. In addition, the caustic dregs on opponents is not such a strong ability, which may not be useful at all.

2. Kunkka is very situational and does not fall very often. But if the opponents are still gathering in a heap and you are lucky with randomness, you can take Kunkka in the late game and make a substitution.

What are the disadvantages:

1. Knights create big problems.

2. Mages can endure from the beginning of the round, unless of course you had time to improve the Shaman of Shadows and add Enigma .


Druids upgrade the fastest and cheapest.

Summon Bear helper Last Druid will create a lot of problems for the opponents at the beginning of the game, and the middle. Often they not only inflict significant damage, but also over-aggro enemies, merging their castes onto themselves.

If you quickly collect the Enchantress of the second improvement, you can relax for the first ten rounds. She is able to single-handedly initiate several characters due to the ability "Servants of Nature" and inflict serious damage. Starting items can be given to her.

You can supplement the assembly with dragons and elusive ones , or switch to savages .

2 savages receive +7 damage for each attack on an enemy or use of an ability that deals damage.

2 dragons gain an additional dragon ability.

2 people with a 20% chance can silence the target for 4 seconds, but only when they attack the target.

3 assassins have a 15% chance to deal 300% damage with a critical attack. This attack Wounds the victim for 3 seconds, reducing its healing by 50%.

6 Elusive gain + 50% Evasion.

Anti-mage for insurance, can disable demonic buffs .

Weaknesses of the pick:

1. Druids in the late stage of the game sag heavily, because they do not have a useful passive alliance ability.

2. Heroes with summoned creatures by themselves do not do normal damage and do not initiate. The usefulness of these heroes is lost in the middle of the game.

3. Executor of destinies , Disruptor , Shaman of shadows , even at low levels are strong against the base of the assembly.


Mages inflict colossal damage, but at the same time they are not very popular in games now, which allows you to improve the necessary mages without any problems .

2 primordials upon death, an eidolon of the 1st tier will appear - the primordial ranged creature. Eidolon will not emerge from it.

2 dragons gain an additional dragon ability.

4 people with a 44% chance can silence the target for 4 seconds, but only when they attack the target and buy time for casting.

6 magicians will make enemies take 100% more magic damage. Also, the leader of the mages will make it so that the mana gain of your creatures increases by 10% for each level of the alliance of mages .

The Crystal Maiden in the assembly is a controversial option, because the character itself is very weak. If everything is in order with mana, you can safely change the Crystal Maiden for something more interesting.

There is also an Enigma in the assembly , but the chance of its falling out is very small, so you can also change it to intermediate heroes.

The biggest danger to assembly is assassins . Correct alignment and a lot of luck are needed against them.


Bounty Hunter and Drevopil fall since the start of the game, so fast nastakat they will not be a problem. All characters are tough, will hold up perfectly at any stage of the game and do great damage.

Six bullies will give us +9 armor and +8 health regeneration. Also, the bonus is doubled if you have fewer creatures alive than your opponent.

4 inventors explode on death, dealing damage equal to 30% of their maximum health to all enemies within 1. Also, the leaders of the inventors

grants the “Chain Reaction” ability to inventors : if an allied inventor kills an enemy with an explosion from the Unstable Reactor, he will also explode.

The Bully can be diluted with warlocks , such as Necrophos and Fiend of Darkness , by using the ability, Warlock for 2 sec. forms a bond with the least healthy ally. Tied heroes recover health equal to 50% of the damage they deal (even more initiation potential).

You can also drop Abaddon to get a -5 debuff to the armor of opponents.

Cons of the strategy:

1. Miner and Gyroletchik leaders. They fall out only in late, very rarely and it is extremely difficult to stack them.

2. The availability of inventors at the start will certainly lead to a lot of competition. This can greatly reduce the chance of dropping the right heroes for the stack.


The strategy is simple - at all stages of the game, we collect any knights we come across and send them to the field in one heap.

6 knights take 25% less physical and magical damage. The bonus also increases by another 25% when they are within 1 radius of another knight.

You can supplement the six knights with anyone (we look at the situation on the field). For example, you can take two more elusive and two people .

The elusive ones have an evasion boost + Temple Guardian and so very tenacious due to refraction.

4 people with a 44% chance can silence the target for 4 seconds, but only when the person attacks the target. From people, they usually get mages with any ability in the area, for exampleThe Guardian of the Light and Kunkku .

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