How to Win at Lemnis Gate


How to Win at Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate smartest is a new kind of strategic shooter where the survives. It is a turn-based strategy game that unfolds in a 25 second time loop. The stakes are high and you will have something to think about. So before diving headlong into the game, check out a few important tips to help you outwit your opponents and gain an edge on the battlefield.

Challenge to win
Challenge to win

1. Fire in advance

Get ahead of the enemy's actions by surrounding important points with a barrage of shots, traps and shields. This step will prevent enemies from disrupting your plans. 

2. Strategies for time management

Intertwine the actions of your past, present and future agents. Don't try to solve all problems in one round.

3. Overview of the time loop

Send the drone to scan the map between rounds to see the current state of the time loop. Use this opportunity to plan your next step. 

4. Ghost Mode

Did your agent die during the round? No problem! Continue the operation in ghost mode. All actions of the ghost can become real if you save the agent in a future stage.

5. Destruction of the butterfly effect

Losing control of the battlefield? Flip the course of the match. Find the culprit and eliminate the cascade of fatal events from the time-loop equation. 

6. Place and time

Remember, the position of the agent is important not only in space, but also in time. Build an action plan based on this knowledge.

7. Fire on our own

Friendly fire is always on. Be careful and try not to run into your own shot. You don't want to liquidate your agent. 

8. Choosing an agent

There is a suitable person (or robot) for any task. There is no place for pets. Choosing the right agent is the key to strategic success.

9. Actions and counteractions

Making the first move? Go ahead, set the tone for the whole match. Is your last move? Take control of the situation by taking countermeasures for enemy actions.

10. Interface is your friend

Use strategic markers or check the target timeline. This will help you develop and execute the perfect plan.

11. Need a backup plan

Missing a good opportunity? Do not panic. You will be able to correct mistakes in the next rounds. Perhaps this blunder will help you come up with a completely new course of action.

12. Focus battle

If you focus solely on one goal or agent, your plans will be easy to calculate and destroy. Distribute your team so as to take control of as many areas as possible.

13. Keep Moving

A stationary target is easy to hit. Make unpredictable movements to evade the enemy.

14. Remember to protect

If you decide to stay where you are, be sure to cover yourself with a shield for

next round. Use defensive agents like Karl to do this. 

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