Inscryption walkthrough - guide and secrets in the game


Inscryption walkthrough - guide and secrets in the game

We'd like to start our Inscryption walkthrough with a few tips to make it easier to walk through the game:

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  • If, once in the store, you have a full supply of items, you will receive a rat, which gives a new item each time you play.
  • The diagonal attack is very strong. It allows you to hit enemies that cannot hit you at all, and also doubles the damage if it passes through empty cells.
  • Search is a very powerful feature. Always take it to be able to play the card with impunity. Awesome effect!
  • The total destruction of opponents will give you additional gold teeth, which means you can buy more skins from the hunter.
  • The squirrel in the bottle is given by the OP. Always use it.
  • Enemies using kingfishers (such as the angler) are races that specialize in dealing damage. Be sure to choose units with a high attack value. Don't rely solely on tankiness.
  • Bone cards are great against bosses, especially if you have multiple lives to turn into smoke at the start of the battle.

How to defeat the Prospector boss

At the very beginning, the enemy will call a pack mule (which moves like an elk) to the left side. If you cannot destroy his first life quickly enough, he will continue to summon monsters to other tiles. If you kill a pack mule, you will receive 5 random cards. There is always squirrel in there, I suppose. When you destroy the Prospector's first life, he will kill each of your monsters and replace them with gold nuggets. Then will summon Bloodhound 2/3. 0/2 gold nuggets cannot be sacrificed. He will continue to summon vipers (up to three, I think) until he dies.

How to defeat the Fisherman boss

The angler summons several kingfishers from the very beginning (2-3). They can dive and fly, making them nearly impossible to kill and block. Every second turn, he will steal the last creature you played. As a result, all creatures in the column will be moved up, including his own. Do so that he lures squirrels over to his side. This is a great way to avoid damage.


After destroying the first life, he will clear his side of the board and randomly summon 3 bait buckets. These 0/1 buckets cause a 4/2 shark to dive after death, making them highly undesirable to kill. The best way to destroy the boss in the second stage is to sacrifice any normal creatures and use the flying monster to attack the target without damaging the decoy. Block shark attacks with creatures with high health reserves.

How to defeat the Trapper / Trader boss

At the first stage, the Trapper summons two strange frogs, leaving an empty space in the three left columns to summon another one on the next turn. Also on the right is a jumping trap (I've seen it all six times), which, among other things, blocks flying units. If you kill a frog, a new jumping trap will appear in its place. The best way to complete this phase is to wait until you have powerful units, then destroy the traps and move on to the next stage.

Or you can, on the contrary, speed up and reach the next stage as soon as possible, so as not to waste resources in this phase. The main mechanic is to sacrifice your creatures for the pelts, which will be used in the next step. But honestly, in this case, you are essentially sacrificing your creatures for the sake of random monsters.

At the next stage, the Trapper or the Hunter will give a skin and ask you to use all the skins in your hand to exchange for cards from his side of the field. These will be improved creatures. You will have to adapt to the strategy, but if done correctly, all that remains is to clear the column and kill it with one shot. If you are not prepared, then you have to take the creatures that will become your most significant problems. Take enough monsters to kill your enemy in one go.

Final boss

Before the final boss, you will be given the opportunity to choose several gifts, but only if you can pass the tests (similar to the creature lair). If you have a cuckoo clock ring, you can always pass the challenge (turn the clock to 11:00). These gifts can be a game changer. For example, you can start the game with a black goat or 8 dice.

You always start with extra smoke and this time the boss will have 3 lives. The boss can use the skills of other bosses. Can steal units, like the Fisherman did, use the hide trade, and so on. In the next step, he will summon two death cards to random columns. Perhaps, you can't do without luck here.

He will continue to use the main three abilities. When you overcome this stage, he will summon the moon. The moon has 40 HP, she attacks all tiles with 1 damage unit and attracts all small creatures. The best way to deal with the creature is to use the stench to bring the attack down to 0. Then you just have to destroy the enemy. Double or triple attacks will be effective. Poison also works. When the moon dies, finish off the boss, who will remain defenseless.

All escape rooms

  • Safe code 273 works outside of the tutorial round, gives a "stink"
  • There are four shelves puzzles to solve and four rewards, including an ants, a caged wolf, and so on.
  • Three drawing puzzles give access to clover, third candle and bees (1/1 flying insects) instead of squirrels.
  • Set the clock to 11:00 to unlock the ring.
  • In each game, 3 teeth can be pulled out of the skull.
  • To get the knife, bring the wolf statue to the squirrel statue and insert it inside.
  • The angler will give the hook after the first death. With its help, you can steal the enemy once per game.
  • After you kill the Hunter for the first time, he will provide discounts in the store.
  • If you extinguish the candles next to the shelf and then click on the light bulb, you will receive a Smoke card.

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