Knocking out steam cards using idle master

 Steam Idle Master is a program for automatically knocking out cards from games on your Steam account. With its help, you can knock out all available cards. It is enough just once to launch Idle Master and go about your business, so that the software independently knocks out all the cards on the account, automatically switching from one game to another. The software is very convenient, fully automated, easy to understand. One game starts at a time, so the speed of the drop does not slow down, then the transition to the next game occurs.

You can download Steam Idle Master on the official website [] . After installation and launch, we see such a window:

Steam Idle Master

The program works only when the Steam client is running, so we launch it and log in to our account. If there are changes as in the screenshot below, then everything is done correctly:

PowerWash Simulator Gameplay
PowerWash Simulator Gameplay
Steam Idle Master

Click on the Sign In inscription, enter the username and password for the account, as well as the Steam Guard code. You should not be afraid, the program needs authorization in order to get information about the number of cards that have not been knocked out. Everything is entered on the official Steam website, no one will steal your data.

If everything is done correctly, we will get a window like this:

Steam Idle Master

In the program window you can see:

  • how many games do you have with not yet knocked out cards
  • how many cards have to be knocked out
  • from which game the cards are knocked out at the moment

Here, by clicking on the rewind button, you can go to the next game manually, without waiting for all the cards from the current one to be dropped. This is a very useful function, because cards are knocked out of some games for a very long time. As soon as the Steam Idle Master knocks out all cards from the current game, it will automatically jump to the next one in the list. At this time you can go about any of your business.

That's all, it remains only to run the program as needed, everything else she will do herself. In the options, you can configure the sorting order of games, as well as minimize Idle Master to the system tray:

Steam Idle Master

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