LOST ARK - How to make gold

LOST ARK - How to make gold

 Current ways to earn gold

An integral part of any MMORPG is the economy. Well, in order to be able to make purchases in the game and develop your character, you will need a special currency. There are many of them in LOST ARK, but one of the main ones is gold. In this article we will tell you about the current ways to earn it.

Ways to earn gold


At the beginning of your journey through the world of Akrasia, you will need to go through the storyline, as a reward for which you will receive some gold. Also, it will not be superfluous to perform side tasks, for most of them they also give gold.

Until the 50th combat level, you have no way of earning gold, except by completing the storyline and side missions. 

Ephonian Union

You can get gold in exchange for the Tokens of the Ephonian Union from the merchant "Exchange of gold coins", which is located in any major city.

He has three types of goods, which differ in value and content. In each you will receive gold in different quantities, but there is a chance to get plates or an ingot. A light gold plate yields 100 gold when used, a heavy gold plate gives 1000 gold, and a gold bar gives 10,000 gold. 

As a reward for completing the daily and weekly quests of the Ephonian Confederation, you will receive points. For a daily task - 2 points (maximum 3 tasks per day), for a weekly task - 12 points (maximum 3 tasks per week).

After reaching 70 points in a week, you can collect all the Tokens of the Ephonian Union. Depending on your maximum level of equipment, the number of Marks of the Ephonian Union changes. After taking a reward from one character, you will not be able to receive it on other characters on your account.

Islands of Adventure

Adventure islands float to the sea every day, from 11:00 to 23:00 every 2 hours. There is some chance of gold being rewarded.

The islands available during the day by Proceus' compass and the rewards for them do not change. You can pick up a reward only once a day.

The amount of gold received depends on your maximum equipment level. 

Secret rooms in the Chaos Halls

Secret rooms may appear in any Chaos Halls. You can easily distinguish them, as their portals are of a different color: yellow or red. In yellow, you can find a chest or scent, and in red, you can find a boss. After killing any of them, you will receive gold, but only if there is the energy of Order. 


There is a chance that you can get a Relic-quality Treasure Map for completing the Breach in Feyton and South Bern. For its opening and passing, you can get quite a lot of gold and resources. Therefore, it is worth visiting all the faults on these continents. The reward can only be received once a day.

Abyss Dungeons

Having reached the 1325th level of equipment, the Abyssal Dungeon "Heart of Oreya" will become available to you, where you can also get gold for passing. It has two dungeons and each has two modes (normal and heroic). The reward for each dungeon can be obtained only once a week. If you receive a reward for the normal mode, then you will not be able to enter the heroic mode.

Maddened Forest: Normal - 700 gold, Heroic - 800 gold.

Rotting Glade: Normal - 800 gold, Heroic - 900 gold. 

Abyss Raids

Upon reaching 1370 gear rating, you will unlock Abyss Raids. So far, there is only one Guardian Argos in it. He has three phases and gold can be obtained for each of them, and for completing it, you can receive 3300 gold weekly. 

Lords of Fetrania

At level 1415 of equipment, you can start earning gold in Raids on the Lords of Fetrania. At the moment, there are three bosses available in it: Voldan, Belakis and Ku-Satot. Each of them has several phases and gold is given for completing each phase. The reward can be received once a week for completing each of the raids.

Voldan has two modes for which you can get gold: normal (available from equipment level 1415) and heroic (from equipment level 1445). You can get 3300 gold for normal mode, and 4500 gold for heroic mode. 

Belakis also has 2 modes: normal (from equipment level 1430) and heroic (from equipment level 1460). And you can earn the same amount of gold as on Voldan.

Ku-Satot only has a normal mode, which is available from level 1475 of equipment, and you can get 4500 gold as a reward.

Akrasia Express

If you are new to the game, then most likely Akrasia Express missions are available to you. By completing special tasks, you will receive valuable resources and gold for hardening your equipment. 


Craft is also quite a profitable occupation. You can collect craft resources, make items from them, and put them up for auction. 

You can also trade other transferable items, such as jewelry, fetranites, and more.

One-time obtaining of gold

The game also has many activities for which you can get gold once per account.

As a reward for raising your reputation with an NPC, you can receive gold. For example, upon reaching the "Revered" level with Sillian, you can get 5 gold coins, when you use them you will receive 500 gold. And there are a lot of such NPCs, so do not forget to show them signs of attention every day to raise your reputation. 

Collecting the Masterpieces of Painting collection will also help you earn gold. In the rewards you can see the Caskets of the patron containing a lot of gold.

By completing the tasks of the Ephonian Confederation, you increase the reputation of the Ephonian Confederation, for which you can receive rewards. So far, there is only one task for which you can get gold and it is located on the island "Headquarters of the Corporation of the Smells".

To earn a lot of gold, you will need to participate as much as possible in all of the listed activities.

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