Lost Ark: When does the beta for the new MMORPG start?


Lost Ark: When does the beta for the new MMORPG start?

Lost Ark is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs that will appear in the West in 2021/2022. After the first alpha test, many are now eagerly awaiting the beta for the game. We at MeinMMO have compiled all the important information for this.

Start and Duration - When does the Lost Ark Beta start ?

The first closed beta for Lost Ark should take place from November 4  to November 11, 2021. 

Before that, there was already a technical alpha, which took place from June 11th to 16th.

How can I participate in the Lost Ark Closed Beta?

You can already register for a beta test on the official Lost Ark website . In addition, all players who buy a founder package in advance get guaranteed access.

By the way, if you had a key for the technical alpha, you will not automatically receive a key for the beta, as Amazon revealed in the FAQ.

Where can the client be downloaded?

The Lost Ark beta will take place on Steam. There is no preload yet.

Can the closed beta be streamed or is there an NDA?

The test takes place entirely in public. So you can tell about it and also stream it live on Twitch or record videos for YouTube. That was different at Alpha in June.

What can you test in the closed beta?

There is already some information about what will be included in the upcoming closed beta. The main focus is on what has changed compared to the Alpha:

- The Striker is activated as a new class

- There is a new, general prologue

- The Max level has been increased from 50 to 55

- All the contents of Rohendel including Main -Story and Chaos Dungeon are included

- The contents of the Phantom Palace including the dungeons are included

- The Shadespire tower with a total of 50 floors has been added

- The shop is being adapted for the West and all items in it should also be playable via in-game currency be

We also know that progress made in Alpha will not be carried over into Beta. So you have to start all over again.

Shouldn't the beta start earlier?

After the end of the technical alpha in June 2021, the rumor circulated for a long time that the beta of the MMORPG would start in July. But that has not come true.

Will there be an open beta?

No. Developer Roxx revealed via the Lost Ark forum that only the technical alpha from June, the closed beta and then the release are planned. There will also be a wipe of the characters after the beta.

Statement about the beta from the Lost Ark forum.
Statement about the beta from the Lost Ark forum.

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