Lost Judgment | All collectibles: free pass vouchers, skateboards, darts, bats and Sega games


Lost Judgment | All collectibles: free pass vouchers, skateboards, darts, bats and Sega games

As in the first part, there are plenty of collectibles to be found in Lost Judgment . Both in Ijincho and Kamurocho, skateboards, darts, drone objects and much more are waiting for you. So that you don't have to search long, we show you the locations and prices of all collectibles here.

Locations of the free pass vouchers - Paradise VR

In order to be able to play Dice & Cube in Paradise VR, you need game passes. Each course costs a different number of game passes:

  • Short course: three tickets
  • Medium course: five tickets
  • Longer course: ten tickets

Unfortunately, the game passes are quite expensive and can only be bought at great expense with the help of points in the skate club and batting center. You can sometimes find a passport by chance, but that rarely happens. That is why there are so-called free pass vouchers. There are a total of six partial free passes that you have to find in Ijincho:

Free pass vouchersLocationPrice / condition
oneSkateboard club25,000 points
TwoSquirrel huntScan graffiti at Cafe-Alps
ThreeCasino10,000 chips
FourSide case: where the kappas liveReward at the end
FivecatMake friends with at least four cats
sixOutdoor shogi10,000 points

If you have problems looking for a squirrel, we will show you here exactly where to look at Cafe-Alps.

Only when you have collected all partial vouchers can you convert this into a free pass, play unlimited Dice & Cube and thus complete the side cases to Paradise VR without much effort.

Locations of the clubs for the batting center

You can collect a total of three bats for the batting center . These are important because the clubs influence your score. Depending on the quality of your racket, the more points you get. Only with the red and third baseball stick do you get the full number of points that you earn in baseball.

Normal racketStandard equipment/
Serenity racketEbisu Pawn200 yen
Professional racketCasino15,000 points

Locations of the skateboards for the skateboard club

In the skateboard club you can already curve around with your blue skateboard from the main story. However, if you want to break the points records from the ShopGo app, you will have to upgrade your skateboard. There are eight skateboards in total, so here's where to find them:

Blue TribalAutomatically in the main storyFree
Black dropCasino36,500 chips
Green LizardSkateboard club50,000 yen
Red horse skateboardThe Bee50,000 yen
Skull Bass SkateboardDeco rush50,000 yen
Yellow LizardSkateboard club20,000 points
White horseSkateboard club50,000 points
Purple dropSkateboard club100,000 points

Locations of the dart arrows for the dartboard

You can play darts in many bars. The arrows change their speed from fast to slow, depending on how high it is. This gives you longer time to hit the golden mean. In addition to the standard equipment, there are two other darts:

Dart arrowLocationprice
Beginner dartsStandard equipment/
Standard dartsThe Bee3,000 yen
Miracle dartsSquirrel hunt survive bar/

Video game locations for Yagami's SEGA

In Yagami's office there is a SEGA console on which you can play collected games. These are just for fun and are also listed in the ShopGo app. To complete the mission, you must have found and played all the games:

Sega gameLocationprice
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldYagami's officeAlready pre-installed
Enduro Racer gameBenten Pawn5,500 yen
Fantasy ZoneDeco rush5,000 yen
Maze Hunter 3-DN Sakura River / PoppoWalk with Ranpo
QuartetSecret gaming hall in Ijincho2,500 points
Penguin landEbisu Pawn5,000 yen
Secret CommandSide case: One last order ~ recapitulation ~/
Woody PopSquirrel at Game Center Charles/

Locations of the records for the turntable

In addition to the normal collectibles, which are also useful for you, the records count as a nice addition to breaks in the detective's office. As soon as you have a record, you can play it there and also charge your health with the right skill.

All's well that ends wellMailbox next to detective agencyCompletion of the main story
EsmeraldaBenten Pawn5,530 yen
InharmonicSquirrel hunt at Yagami's office/
Lets danceEbisu Pawn3,000 yen
Long drill on the beachEbisu Pawn Kamurocho4,480 yen
My own styleSquirrel hunt at La Chat Blanche/

Drone items locations for races

Finally, there are some items for your drones that you can buy in Kamurocho and Ijincho. While you can buy some items like the plan for the frame more often, others are only available once as they cost a lot of yen . You can use it to equip your drone for the big Grand Prix and win the races.

Drone itemLocationprice
Master plan propellerGeneral Goods Cart200,000 yen
Master blueprint frameworkBenten Pawn / General Goods Cart100,000 yen
Master blueprint for cruise controlOnedora's goods1,000 yen
Master blueprint TurboEbisu Pawn Kamurocho200,000 yen
Master plan engineCasino30,000 points
Neutral colorOnedora's goods1,000 yen
Anime patternOnedora's goods1,000 yen
Dragon colorOnedora's goods1,000 yen
Opaque color whiteDeco rush5,400 yen
Opaque color blackDeco rush5,400 yen
Opaque color blueDeco rush5,400 yen
Body color redDeco rush5,400 yen

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