Mercenaries: Everything you need to know about the Hearthstone game mode

 Find all the information about the new game mode of Hearthstone to understand it well from the first hours.

Mercenaries: Everything you need to know about the Hearthstone game mode

More than a mode, Mercenaries is a game in its own right in Hearthstone , where all the knowledge of the base game is not necessary. Between heroes, village, PvE, PvP and improvement of its mercenaries, there is a multitude of new things to learn. Inspired by roguelikes, we will have to find the right team and train it to face ever stronger opponents. But the basics can be difficult to grasp, we provide a summary of important information about the mode.

Village, hotspot of the Mercenaries

Each player has a village in Mercenaries. It is a place that acts as a central hub, bringing together many places with various and varied uses. From here you can manage your mercenaries and your collection, upgrade them, do PvE expeditions, or enter the PvP arena.

Village, central hub of Mercenaries mode


The Tavern is where players can manage their collection. From here, they can create mercenaries, see those in their possession, improve their abilities and equipment, and form a party.

Travel point

The Travel Point allows you to browse Mercenaries PvE content. Separated into bonuses, the different objectives are unlocked successively. This allows you to unlock various rewards and advance the mercenaries.

Combat pit

PvP clashes take place in the combat pit. It allows you to earn rewards, advance mercenaries but also has a ranking.


The workshop is at the heart of the functioning of the village, since it makes it possible to build new places and improve those already present. Thanks to these improvements, the buildings present evolve and become more powerful.


Near the campfire is the task panel where the daily and weekly quests are visible. Mercenaries also offer a new quest every day.

Merchant's Cart

The Merchant Cart is a direct link to the in-game store. It offers Mercenary Packs, Mercenary Coins, and Seasonal Offers.

Letter box

Secondary element of the village, the letter box allows you to consult the latest announcements concerning the Mercenaries mode.

Roles, synergies, strengths and weaknesses

In Mercenaries, all characters are given a role that takes advantage of strengths and weaknesses. There are 3 different ones, and each of them is strong against one type but weak against the other. It is a balanced wheel that determines the strategy to adopt during PvP and PvE clashes. There are Spellcasters, in blue, Fighters, in green, and Protectors in red.

Weakness wheel

In the Weakness Wheel, each role has an advantage and a disadvantage against another. Protectors deal more damage to Warriors, who are more effective against Casters, while the latter benefit from increased damage to Protectors. To create a team composed of a single role is therefore to be avoided, in order to balance the composition and manage to get by.

Recruit new mercenaries

Once the first 8 mercenaries have been obtained by completing the introductory quests to the game mode, you will have to play to unlock the other 40. There are two methods of collecting new ones: collecting enough coins from a mercenary or opening packs obtained in the store. Mercenary Coins, in addition to Packs, can be obtained by playing. They are, however, linked to a mercenary, and cannot be used to unlock or upgrade others. A certain number of coins are offered upon reaching level 30 of a mercenary. But it is the daily tasks of the campfire that make it possible to obtain this currency on a regular basis.

The packs contain 5 drops of 3 different types: Mercenary Coins, Portraits and Mercenary Cards. At least one Mercenary Card can be obtained from each Pack until the Mercenary Collection is complete. The number of pieces obtained is random, between 35 and 45. However, the shop may sometimes contain special packs allowing you to obtain a specific mercenary.

Improve your mercenaries and their equipment

With each PvP encounter or PvE expedition, the team's mercenaries gain experience. Losing a bonus is not enough, however, to lose the accumulated experience. At each level, the mercenary grows stronger and gains two new abilities at levels 5 and 15. These can be improved by using mercenary parts . Thanks to this, they will be more powerful and will allow you to launch more serenely into the bounties or the combat pit.

Improve your mercenaries and their equipment

When they first started out, mercenaries did not have any equipment to reinforce them. These are unlocked by completing achievements or daily tasks. Each mercenary has 3 pieces of equipment, each of which can be upgraded with mercenary pieces. However, only one piece can be worn at a time.

Mercenaries Keywords

Widely used in the base game, Mercenaries has some brand new keywords that it can be good to know how to use. Eight in number, these allow mercenaries to take advantage of unique abilities making them more offensive or defensive. They are used to establish strategies, but also to counter your opponent.

  • Coup de grace -

Triggers when a character dies

  • Bleeding -
Deals damage at the end of each turn, can be removed by healing

  • Rooting -

A Rooted Mercenary cannot attack

  • Critical damage -

Double damage from all sources

  • Spell Combo -

Offers a bonus if another allied mercenary casts a spell from the same school during the turn

  • Spell resistance -

Take less damage from abilities of this school of magic

  • Weakness of spells -

Take more damage from abilities of this school of magic

  • Spell damage -

Increase the damage of abilities of this school of magic

Course of the fights

Combat is at the heart of the gameplay of this game mode. Very strategic, knowing when to use the full potential of your mercenaries can be complicated. The battles take place in two major phases: the command phase and the combat phase. During the first, the player chooses 3 mercenaries to send to the field to fight. It is then necessary to determine their order in order to take as many turns as possible. The 3 mercenaries placed in reserve will take the place of those fallen in combat.

Then comes the combat phase, during which it is necessary to determine the skills to be used. Some are faster to launch, allowing you to take the initiative on an opposing mercenary or his allies. The lower the number of the skill, the faster it will be to cast. When actions are picked and cast, observing the opposing actions helps determine when and how to use defensive skills to gain the advantage.

This summarizes the important information to know before embarking on the new mode of Hearthstone . But while knowing everything about the basics of Mercenaries may seem like enough, it is through practice and experience that you will be able to determine the best strategies to adopt.

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