Minecraft Breeding the Villager Explained

 The increase of the villagers in Minecraft does not work? Breeding requires good preparation. We'll show you which mistakes players often make and why breeding villagers sometimes doesn't work.

In this picture you can see two villagers in Minecraft who want to breed.
In this picture you can see two villagers in Minecraft who want to breed.

How do villagers multiply in Minecraft?

There are three main factors in Minecraft that count in the multiplication of villagers.

  1. The number of beds must be right.
  2. The villagers must be willing to mate .
  3. You need at least two villagers to start with .
Another important factor is patience. Many players complain in forums that they have considered everything and that their villagers still do not want to multiply. Sometimes it takes an hour to conceive a villager child - so be patient. In the following we will explain the above points in more detail.

How many beds do villagers need?

In order for your villagers to mate, they need more beds than there are residents in and around the village . For example, if you have four villagers and five beds, there may be times when reproduction does not take place.

If there is another villager near the village that you did not take into account in your calculation, the game could add this villager to your village. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you have more than one unused bed in the village.

This also means that the more free beds you build, the more children can be conceived, since each child claims a bed for himself. In addition, the beds must be accessible to the children. So put them where the children go.

If you see these clouds over the heads of the villagers, then they cannot multiply.
If you see these clouds over the heads of the villagers, then they cannot multiply.

Important! You can easily see whether the number of beds is sufficient. As soon as your villagers are ready to mate, hearts appear over their heads when they face each other. If clouds appear between the hearts, then the villagers want to multiply, but cannot because there is no bed.

Can you accelerate the willingness to mate?

It is often discussed whether trading can accelerate pairing readiness. In the end, however, it is important that there is food in the inventory of the villager . These include

  • 12 carrots
  • 12 potatoes
  • 12 beetroot
  • or 3 loaves of bread
Throwing the food at the villagers so that they can pick it up can speed up the process. Make sure, however, that the mobGriefing rule is not set to false , because the villagers cannot then pick up any objects.

How can you attract villagers to your own village?

If you have built your own village and want to breed villagers in it, you need at least two to get started . Remember to secure your village appropriately so that your villagers are not killed by the mob. For this you can build a fence and an iron golem, for example , and of course you have to illuminate the area sufficiently.

Should your villagers disappear anyway , follow the link to another article in which we explain the possible reasons for this.

To get villagers into your own village, you have the following options:

  1. Find an existing village with residents and build rails from there to your village . If a cart hits a villager, it gets in automatically and can be kidnapped in this way.
  2. It's much easier in creative mode, because here you can simply use a command to spawn a villager. 
  3. One of the most popular ways is healing zombie villagers . These can be easily lured into your village and can then be healed there. To do this, you can hit them with either an arrow of weakness or a tossing potion of weakness. Then feed them a golden apple and wait for them to heal again.

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