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Minecraft | Can spawners be dismantled?

 If you manage to find a spawner in Minecraft, the desire to dismantle and use it is obvious. After all, a monster trap could easily be built with it, which gives you an infinite number of drops of the spawned mob. But how can spawners be broken down in Minecraft? Perhaps with caution?

Minecraft | Can spawners be dismantled?

How to mine spawners in Minecraft?

If you don't want to use any mods, you won't be able to dismantle a spawner at all. As soon as you hit it, it will be able to be dismantled, but will then disappear instead of going into your inventory.

Is it possible to dismantle a spawning machine with Silk Touch (cautiousness)?

Cautiousness (English Silk Touch) is an enchantment with which when you break down blocks you get them instead of their items. This is probably why many players are wondering whether spawners can be dismantled with care. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you in this case too: Silk Touch does not break down mob spawners.

Cautiousness is easy to come by, but it won't do you any good if you want to break down a spawner.

What can you do instead?

Do you want to have a monster spawning to build a monster trap and farm the loot in this way, you can build the trap around the spawning block . Make sure you remember the coordinates where the trap is. To make it easier for you to find and build, we explain where you can find spawners and how they work.

How do you find a spawner in Minecraft?

  • Depending on which monsters you want to lure into your traps, you have to look in different places. The following list gives you possible locations:

  • Zombie spawners: Look for dungeons where you should find 50% of what you 're looking for. Dungeons are spread all over the map and are quite easy to find.

  • Spider Spawner: Less common, but can also be found in dungeons. If you are in dense forests, you could come across a forest estate. Look inside for a room with spider webs. You should find what you are looking for in this.

  • Cave Spider Spawner: There is only one place where cave spiders can be found - the mines. You can find them just below the surface almost everywhere on the map.

  • Silverfish spawners: These can only be found in fortresses. These are large structures that can appear in any biome. They also contain an end portal .

  • Lohen-Spawner: For that you have to go to the Nether. There are nether fortresses and there are tears in them.

  • Magma Cube Spawners: Similar to Lohen, there are also magma cubes in the Nether. Go there to the bastion ruins and look for the treasure room. You will always find a magma cube spawn in it.

How do spawners actually work?

In order for the monsters to have room to spawn, the space around the spawner must be at least 9x3x9 blocks. The spawner is of course in the middle. As soon as you are within 16 blocks, the mob production will start. In order to interrupt them, you have to provide enough light around the block.

After some monsters are produced, the spawner stops working. Another mob is only created when the previous one has made room in the area. You can simply kill the monsters for this.

When building a monster trap, keep in mind that you have to observe the spawn conditions of the respective monsters . Above all, this means the light level, which must always be below eight for monsters.