Minecraft: LauncherFenix, Tlauncher and non-premium servers

Minecraft: LauncherFenix, Tlauncher and non-premium servers

 We tell you what you should know about these terms related to the world of Minecraft ... or rather why we are not going to tell you much about them.

Minecraft is, regardless of the tastes we have and objectively, one of the greatest successes in the world of video games of the last decade. As such, everyone wants to play it, and some ... don't do it in the best way. To answer questions about certain terms, here we want to tell you about LauncherFenix, Tlauncher, non-premium servers and other things to avoid.

What are LauncherFenix, Tlauncher and non-premium servers

As with many games, there are a number of ways to access the game without paying . When someone recommends you "try the game" and for this you need to download applications like LauncherFenix, Tlauncher, they recommend "non-premium servers" and other content, we recommend you not to: all this includes piracy at one level or another. As always, this implies having to download and run files that are not always going to be reliable , with the corresponding risk for your computer.

If you really want to try the game for free and legal, it is possible to do so . You simply have to enter the trial version for the browser , or download the trial versions on PC, Mac, Xbox One or PS4 , which have limited demos so you can try the game before deciding on your purchase. Remember: behind Minecraft there are people like you who have the right to get paid for their work. 

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