Multiplayer Boom Beach Frontlines, how to unlock the multiplayer?


Multiplayer Boom Beach Frontlines, how to unlock the multiplayer?

Boom Beach Frontlines is a game that is played in teams, and therefore in multiplayer! But how to unlock this mode, and be able to play with several people, without AI?

Supercell's new mobile game, Boom Beach Frontlines , is finally available in Canada! For other countries, it is possible to access it through a VPN. The principle is the game is simple: do Team Battles to try to get rewards and be able to upgrade your base and your maps.

As you start the game you will notice that you are with and against bots, and not in true multiplayer mode. This is normal, since the game's multiplayer is not available from the start ! You must have completed the tutorial and reached level 2 to start playing with and against real players. 

How to unlock multiplayer in Boom Beach Frontlines? 

The multiplayer mode will therefore unlock quite quickly in Boom Beach Frontlines. Indeed, it is after having completed the tutorial called "Bootcamp", and reached level 2, that you will be able to do Battles in multiplayer. You will finally be able to face real players!

If you don't know the Battles on Boom Beach Frontlines, these are simply team games, in which you will have to face another team . The game maps change regularly, and the goal is to capture point A and point B on each of the maps. Once the two points have been captured, you will have won.

You will obviously have to defend these points, or try to attack them if they are taken by the opposing team. 

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