New World Adapt and change names, is that possible?

 The character name is the figurehead of players in MMOs like New World. Occasionally it happens that one no longer identifies with the name that one chose at the beginning. In such cases, the question quickly arises of how to change your name and whether this is even possible. We explain to you in this guide.

New World Adapt and change names, is that possible?

New World: Can I change my name?

There is currently no way to change a character's name in New World . If you are dissatisfied with the choice of name, you have to make yourself a completely new character at the moment. The progress of the old character cannot be transferred either, which is why you have to start over from scratch.

However, if you want to start on the same server as your first character, you can at least transfer materials and items that have already been collected to the new character. At best, ask a trustworthy friend or a member of your company to transfer the items to the new character via a triangle trade. You can leave your loot from the old character lying around in the open world and collect it by quickly logging in with the new hero - but this carries the risk that another player will grab the loot and run away.

The name change in the future

Most MMOs offer the ability to customize a character name. However, New World was only recently released. So it is quite possible and even likely that such a feature will find its way into the game in the future. Since New World is a Buy2Play game with an in-game shop, a possible future name change could be subject to a fee .

An indirect variant of the name change could be introduced through the character transfer . If a player wants to switch to a server on which his character's name is already in use, it may be possible to change the name. The feature was only recently postponed, which is why the community will have to wait a while before they can take advantage of the opportunity.

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