New World: Change starting area - How do you play together?


New World: Change starting area - How do you play together?

Do you want to play in New World with your friends ? Sometimes different starting areas can get in the way. We'll show you how to change the starting areas and level up with your friends.

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What is the problem? The starting areas in New World are randomly rolled for each player after the tutorial. If you don't stop early enough, you first hang out in an area with its quests. We'll show you here when and how you can change the starting area.

You have two options for this. Once directly after the tutorial and once directly after the parliamentary group has been chosen.

So you play with friends in the same starting area

This is how it works: After creating the character, you first have to play through the tutorial. Then you are on a beach with many shipwrecks. But there are many beaches where you can spawn randomly. Even if you created your character with a friend at the same time, you could spawn on different beaches.

Now you can run along the beach for minutes and catch up with your friends. The problem, however, are the quests that are tied to your starting area. But there is a trick for that.

  •     As soon as you have completed the New World tutorial and spawned on the beach, you should speak to an NPC
  •     There complete the first quest where you introduce yourself and receive shoes as a reward
  •     But you are not allowed to accept the next quest
  •     Do not click on “What makes Aeternum so special?” But choose “Exit” 

Now you can just go to other camps / watchtowers on the beach and accept the quest there. Find a camp where your friends can play.

2nd possibility, if you have already accepted the quest

There is another chance: After you have decided on a faction, you are not allowed to accept the mission from the quest giver. On the map you can then see the quest markers for the faction NPCs in the settlements of the other areas.

Then choose an area in which you want to play with your friends.

At the very latest now you will level up together if you are looking for the old man. Because then everyone follows a quest thread.

Do you find it annoying that you have to choose the starting areas “together” on this path, or is that just a small hurdle that doesn't really bother you? Write us your opinion.

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