New World: Farming Thick Animal Hides - Here's How You Get Them


New World: Farming Thick Animal Hides - Here's How You Get Them

If you have the Lederer in the new MMORPG New World above level 100, you will quickly notice that you will not really get any further without thick animal skins. We explain to you how you can get the coveted material.

What are Thick Animal Hides? If you go through the world of New World like this, you will surely have stumbled upon one or the other wolf before you killed and skinned him. In addition to wolves, other animals also give you the leather resource, but unfortunately, thick animal skins are usually not included.

If you have processed all your leather in the next tannery, you will soon reach level 100 with the Lederer and can now produce layered leather, at least in theory. Because in addition to a tannery on rank 3, you also need thick animal skins.

How do you get it? Actually, thick animal skins can be farmed in the same way as “normal” leather, just a little later. You need the tracking and skinning skill at least level 40 and then have to kill enemies that are at least level 35. The higher the enemies are and the more luck you have at skinning, the more thick animal skins you can capture.

Now you may already be at level 100 with your Lederer, but your character is not yet strong enough to take on level 35 opponents. But there is also a solution for this.

Thick animal skins will drop level 35 or higher enemies, but all animals that give you leather will give you thick animal skins. This also includes deer and elk, which simply do not defend themselves. So if you dare to go to one of the high-level areas and the enemies run around there, you can already farm thick animal skins at a lower level. 

Optimizing farming, but how?

How can you improve your chances? There is equipment in New World that can increase your luck in skinning animals or even increase your yield. Even with a better knife you can further optimize your yield from the animals, but these are often tied to a certain level.

You can also use the New World Resource Map to keep track of the animals you want to hunt. Then you just need the luck not to run into too strong opponents. In general, we recommend that you also deactivate PvP. 

With the help of the map you can then put together optimal routes to collect the thick animal skins and to take your Lederer further. You can even display the levels of the different regions by going to “Areas” in the navigation on the left and then selecting all enemy types.

Do you already have your Lederer at level 100 and look in vain for the thick animal skins? Or do you focus on leveling up your character first? Please write us in the comments. 

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