New World: How to choose the right equipment and jewels


New World: How to choose the right equipment and jewels

In New World , equipment also plays a major role in PvE and PvP. Depending on the situation and play style, you can also equip them with jewels and get fabulous effects! We will give you a complete overview of the jewels and the equipment system in this guide.

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What does equipment count in New World? In New World there are 11 equipment slots that can also be socketed with jewels, provided there is a socket:

  •     2 weapon slots (main weapon / second weapon)
  •     1 shield slot (values ​​only count if you are actively using it)
  •     5 armor slots (helmet / chest / leg / hand / foot)
  •     3 jewelry slots (chain / ring / earring) 

Why is equipment so important? Each character has a "basic strength", namely the main attribute points that you receive after each level-up (at level 60 = 190 points). With the equipment you also strengthen your figure and can take it to new heights. In addition, New World provides a number of options to adapt and customize your equipment - depending on the situation and style of play.

Equipment weight plays a big role

What's up with the weight? Unlike in classic MMOs, there are no traditional classes and thus their associated equipment in New World. So everyone can wear anything in this game.

However, there is a weight system here, all of which have both advantages and disadvantages. You can choose between 3 categories:

Light armor - up to 13 weight

  •     Advantages: 20% bonus damage + large evasive role and high maneuverability
  •     Disadvantage: Hardly any armor - you can take a lot of damage quickly
  •     Recommendation: Magicians and ranged fighters in particular benefit from light equipment, as they are in the second row at the back. Healers benefit from the agility. 

Medium armor - 13 to 23 weight

  •     Advantages: 10% bonus damage + 10% more duration on CrowdControl + balanced armor values
  •     Disadvantage: No real disadvantages. The golden mean with the motto: "It can do everything, but nothing is perfect"
  •     Recommendation: Melee fighters who want to deal as much damage as possible, but who can also take a swipe or two. 

Heavy armor - anything from 23 weight

  •     Advantages: 15% more blocks + 20% more duration on crowd control + strong armor values
  •     Cons: Immobile and slow
  •     Recommendation: tanks and melee fighters at the front. 

Each equipment has a weight value that you can see below as soon as you move your pointer over the item. In addition, you can examine the entire weight bar in the inventory. Note: The weight of the weapon does not count towards the armor weight! 

Jewels and their function in equipment

What types of jewels are there? There are 14 different types of jewels in the game, all of which have different effects. The higher the rank, the stronger the effect. It is also important to distinguish that each jewel has a weapon effect and an armor effect!

We have collected all the jewels for you. For a better overview we have separated them into “Various Jewels” (different effects) and “Elementary Jewels” (all with a special effect for the respective element). But they all come in the same jewel slot.

Various jewels (W = weapon / R = armor) :

  •     Onyx

        (W) More damage to targets with full health 

        (R) Resistance to physical damage 

  •     Opal

        (W) More damage when the player's stamina is not full

        (R) Resistance to elemental damage 

  •     Diamond

        (W) More damage and healing when at full health

        (R) Resistance to physical and elemental damage 

  •     Malachit

        (W) More damage when targets are under group effects (e.g. stun)

        (R) Resistance to elemental and physical damage 

  •     Mondstein

        (W) More damage when the player has under 30% LP

        (R) Resistance to cut damage 

  •     Jaspis

        (W) More damage after you take 3 hits

        (R) Resistance to impact damage 

  •     emerald

        (W) More damage when targets are below 30% HP

        (R) Resistance to stab damage 

  •     Kerneol

        (W) Activates provocation for active weapon skills

        (R) Decreases the threat you cause 

Elemental jewels (W = weapon / R = armor)

  •     Rubin

        (W) Conversion to fire damage

        (R) Resistance to fire damage 

  •     Topas

        (W) Conversion to lightning damage

        (R) Resistance to lightning damage 

  •     Saphir

        (W) Conversion to Arcane Damage

        (R) Resistance to Arcane Damage 

  •     Aquamarin

        (W) Conversion to ice damage

        (R) Resistance to ice damage 

  •     Bernstein

        (W) Conversion to nature damage

        (R) Resistance to nature damage 

  •     Amethyst

        (W) Conversion to calamity damage

        (R) Resistance to calamity damage 

This is how you base the jewels in your equipment: In order to be able to equip your equipment with a jewel, you have to consider the following 2 points:

  • The equipment must have a socket burst (see screen below)
  • You need a cut jewel - you can do this at the stonemason or you can buy some directly from the trading post.

Once you have met these two criteria, you can simply drag and drop the jewel onto the equipment you want and use it.

Can I get jewels back from the equipment? No, unfortunately not. You can replace the existing one with a new stone, but this will destroy the old gem. So handle the precious gemstones with care.

With this flexible and complex system, New World offers you a lot of freedom to find and expand your own individual style of play. For example, you can wear heavy armor as a tank and be a wall against physical damage with built-in onyx jewels.

What do you have on your mind when asked, "What kind of equipment and jewels do you play?" Let us know in the comments, we look forward to your ideas and inspiration! 

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