New World is now chasing AFK cheaters to clear the long lines


New World is now chasing AFK cheaters to clear the long lines

MMO New World is still One week after the release, the struggling with long queues in front of the popular servers: The problem is apparently "AFK cheaters" who block places on the servers. Amazon is now declaring war on them. A solution for the problem has been developed and those who still cheat can expect harsh penalties.

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This is the problem in New World:

  •     New World actually got off to a good start, but the rush is huge . As a result, players often wait forever in queues before being allowed to access the servers.
  •     Actually there is an “auto kick”: If players AFK for 25 minutes in New World stand around , they are thrown out of the game. But this AFK kick can apparently easily be avoided. As a result, people who do not play actively block the places on the servers: people log in in the morning, use an AFK trick and then go to work or school, but block a place on the servers in order to get access to it “Reserve” so that they can play again in the evening.
  •     Amazon has now announced that it will take action against these AFK cheaters. A new system has been developed and they are threatened with severe penalties. 

This is how the AFK kick should actually work: As we have tested, the automatic AFK kick in New World works in such a way that after 20 minutes of standstill in New World you get a message that you have to do something, otherwise you will get out of it Game thrown.

After a total of 25 minutes of inactivity, you actually get kicked. 

AFK kick in New World is apparently easy to circumvent

This is what the “AFK” cheating looks like in the game: A user on reddit shows the problem. He says: “People are waiting in line for 12 hours,” but then there are a lot of AFK in the actual game.

He shows in a video clip that many people have parked their characters in a hut, where they run against the wall or hop at regular intervals.

The players are apparently not on the PC at all, but have found ways to bypass the AFK timer. 

Amazon has developed a solution, threatens AFK cheats with "harsh penalties"

This is what Amazon says now: In a post early Sunday morning of our time, an Amazon community manager answered:

  • There would be a lot of frustration with people bypassing the AFK automatic kick
  • This behavior is primarily a problem because the queues are so long
  • But now a “new solution” has been found for this problem, in order to kick “malevolent AFK players”
  • The details of the solution are not revealed, but Amazon says they are confident that it will solve the problem
  • Anyone caught going AFK is only kicked into the main menu at first. But if you do this all the time, you can expect tougher penalties

How does this affect the game? According to initial reports, the AFK timer has now been reduced to 10 minutes. We will let you know when more details are known about what New World’s new anti-AFK measures look like in detail. 

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