New World: Level 60 and what now? 7 things you can do in the endgame


New World: Level 60 and what now? 7 things you can do in the endgame

The first players have already reached the maximum level of 60 in New World . You are slowly starting into the endgame of the MMO. But what does New World actually offer there? How will you pass the time later? We will tell you.

The way to level 60 can take some time. There are various ways of leveling, for example via quests, dungeons, events or PvP. In this article, we looked at what exactly happens after level 60.

Maximize life skills

What does New World offer in terms of life skills? New World offers 17 different crafting skills that you can level up to level 200. And that is exactly what takes an enormous amount of time.

Bringing just one of the collecting skills such as woodcutting or mining to the maximum level should cost between 40 and 80 hours of play. So you can keep yourself busy with the collecting skills for at least 200 hours, with fishing going to eat up most of the time.

If you then want to bring all life skills to the maximum level, you will also have to invest a lot of gold in the manufacturing professions or have to farm rare materials in painstaking detailed work.

So here alone there is huge potential to spend hundreds of hours in New World.

Get legendary equipment

Get equipment through crafting: If you want to play your character perfectly, you need the right equipment. You can get this most specifically through crafting, especially when it comes to armor.

Weapons and armor of the rarity can be epic rank 5 and sometimes even legendary weapons and armor can be produced here. These legendary items include:

  • The spear
  • The fire stick
  • The ice warmers
  • Legendary gloves

Obtaining weapons through special quests: Some legendary items can only be obtained through quests. For this you have to have reached the Bruchberg area and level 20 in the respective weapon mastery. In addition, certain quests require pre-quests from other areas.

For the quest around the legendary weapons you then have to defeat elite opponents and open chests in the corresponding area.

Getting Legendarys via Dungeons: The third method is to repeat the dungeon “The Garden of Origins”. This is a dungeon designed for level 60 players.

The drops here are completely random. You can get equipment in green and purple levels, but with a lot of luck you can also get Legendarys.

Explore the world and level areas

What is there to discover? Admittedly, the world of New World is on the small side compared to many other MMOs. But the game offers many “Points of Interests”, places that you can discover and where small challenges such as bosses or elite mobs often await you.

In addition, New World offers a number of side quests that you have to find first. You can use this to earn materials, but also useful equipment.

Through the area reputation, New World has a system that makes it worthwhile to visit the low-level areas later. Because you can save a lot of money in manufacturing or selling at the trading post. Increasing storage capacity also plays an important role.

Play and enjoy Outpost Rush

What is the outpost rush? The outpost rush is a so-called PvEvP mode in which players not only fight against other players, but also against the environment. Two teams of 20 players compete against each other and try to take away outposts from each other.

The goal is to reach 1,000 points. However, there are different ways and strategies to do this:

  • You can collect resources in the area and thus strengthen your outpost
  • you can summon powerful NPCs to help you conquer an outpost
  • You can kill bosses and get bonuses and freeze the points of the opponents
  • You can kill other players

Why should you play it? The Outpost Rush is a very fun PvP mode and a good change from the wars for the territories in New World. Unfortunately, only level 60 players can take part in this mode.

Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun and also brings some useful rewards at the end.

The introductory video of the developers gives you an insight into the mode:

Experience invasions

What are invasions? The invasions are the counterpart to the wars for fortresses only as a PvE mode. At regular intervals the corrupted attack a fortress and try to conquer it in waves.

If the PvE enemies succeed in this, there are penalties for the settlement. If you defend successfully, you will receive gold and useful loot as a reward.

However, the invasions can only be entered by 50 players. 10 of these are determined by the controlling guild, while the other 40 players are drawn randomly from those registered.

Do speed runs or low player runs in dungeons

How do the dungeons work in New World? New World currently offers you 6 expeditions that you can do with a group of 3 to 5 players .

  • The first expedition - the Amrhein excavation - is already at level 25.
  • Then it goes on in steps of 10 in the level.
  • The toughest dungeons - the Lazarus instruments and the garden of origin - are then designed for level 60 players.
You can get a first insight into the dungeons and the concept behind them in a video from the developers:

What can you do in the endgame? In addition to the fact that two dungeons can only be played in the endgame, it is common for MMOs that players try to complete them as quickly as possible or with as few players as possible.

Since you can also get legendary items in the Garden of Origin, completing them quickly is even helpful for your own equipment.

Fighting for territory in wars

What are wars? The wars are at the heart of the New World endgame. Here two factions with 50 players each fight for control of a territory on the server.

To start a war, the attacking faction must first gain influence in the specific area. To do this, they can attack the forts in the open world, for example. If there is enough influence, a war can be declared. However, when exactly this takes place can be determined in advance by the defending parliamentary group.

When the time of war is reached, the attackers try to storm the fortress of the defenders. To do this, it is first necessary to capture conquest points outside the fortress before the gates can be destroyed and the interior can be conquered.

The defenders, in turn, can defend themselves with siege weapons and try to keep the points neutral and protect the gates.

A war lasts 30 minutes. If the attackers fail to conquer the fortress during this time, it will remain in the possession of the defenders.

If you want to watch such a war, you will find a good video here:

Why are the wars so important? The owners of a territory determine the expansion of the respective settlement and can also charge fees for crafting, trading and renting the houses. So whoever controls a territory has full control there.

There are currently 11 areas that companies can control. There will be an ongoing battle between factions over these areas. This is exactly what makes the wars in the endgame so interesting.

Bonus tip: the journey is the goal

In this overview we have explained to you that the players can do anything in the endgame. But New World is not the classic MMO in which you should rush to the max level quickly.

The game world offers many interesting and pretty landscapes, the life skills can be grinded before level 60 and you can even take part in wars by joining a faction (around level 9).

New World invites you to take your time and enjoy the game. This overview is only intended to give you an insight into what is waiting for you in the endgame.

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