New World: This is how the server transfer works and you should pay attention to it

New World: This is how the server transfer works and you should pay attention to it

 New World has published a post explaining the rules for server transfers. We summarizes the most important information for you.

What kind of transfers are they? Amazon has already announced that free server transfers are coming to New World . This allows you to move your characters to another server - even free of charge for a transfer at the beginning.

This is intended to purify the full New World servers a little - and the queues should probably also be a little shorter.

This is how you use the transfer: In a post in the forum , the development team explains exactly how a free transfer will work. All you have to do is follow a few steps:

  • log in to the character to be transferred - even if you have to go through a queue to do so
  • navigates to the shop and looks for the "Transfer" tab there, claims the transfer token stored there
  • leave your company if you are in one
  • remove all current auctions from the trading post
  • stand in a city or an outpost

The explanation ends here, but we assume that you have to use the token to then choose a target server. Presumably the context menu of the token itself will provide an explanation.

On reddit , some fans are already discussing whether these tokens are "storable" after they have been used. If the free phase ends, they want to be able to transfer for free at a later point in time, for example if their server changes again.

FAQ about the server transfer in New World - rules and possibilities

When do the transfers come? There is no specific date yet. The language was from "this week" but the post says there were some difficulties. They want to mend this, but it takes a little longer. At the moment, one reckons with “next week”, ie the week from October 11th.

Is that only possible once? No, in the future the tokens will apparently be available for purchase, as the post says. However, this service is then chargeable, only the first transfer is free. However, it is possible that more free tokens will be issued in the future.

Which servers can I transfer to? All servers in your region that are not already full should be targetable for now. Basically: The world must not be full, it must be in the maintenance work and you must not already have a character there. 

What can I take with me? You keep all character progress and inventory, your faction and your rank there, your houses and facilities and all the currencies that you have collected. Only your list of friends and your position in the company as well as the remaining auctions at the trading post are lost.

There are already a number of players and even entire companies who have announced that they will switch servers and are just waiting for the opportunity to finally come.

With the transfers, the concentrated mass of players should be distributed from a few servers to significantly more. It remains to be seen whether this will work as intended, or whether there will be other metropolitan areas. 

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