New World: This is why area points are important and this is how you distribute them correctly

New World: This is why area points are important and this is how you distribute them correctly

In New World There are numerous areas that are contested by factions. But even if you have nothing to do with company wars and PvP, the individual territories bring many good advantages that you should definitely enjoy. We show you in this article what you need to know about the area call and what should be prioritized.

Why should you raise your area reputation? On the one hand, with each level-up you can choose between 3 buffs in an area, which last as long as you are on its floor. On the other hand, you get a lot of experience points for your character in order to advance in the level.

What are the options? Almost all activities in the desired area bring you reputation points. This leaves you with a lot of options as to how you want to collect your reputation, and you don't always have to do the same job every day. You can:

  • Defeat monsters
  • Complete side missions on site
  • Submit city projects on the council house board
  • Do faction missions
  • Clean the corruption portals that are marked red on the map
  • Explore the map and uncover the "?" Locations
  • Invasion and wars

Which of these works the fastest / best? Depending on whether you are traveling alone or in a group, the gain in reputation points can vary greatly. We'll list for you what worked particularly well for us when you played alone or in a group and what you prefer to do on the side. 

Leveling area call quickly - this is how it works

Solo on the go:

  • City projects on the council house board
    • The projects like "Turn in 50 Flints" are your best friends when it comes to reputation points. Usually all you have to do is collect and hand in materials. You can even explore several areas and thus gain reputation in different territories at the same time.
  • Faction Missions - PvE
    • Here you don't get as much area reputation as with the city projects, but you get prestige within your faction and faction coins that you can exchange for good equipment and items. You will get even more rewards if you take on PvP missions. Beware, if you die on the way, you will lose all mission progress.

Out and about in groups:

  • Further cleaning portal:
    • If you are traveling in a larger group, you can clean the portals with your Azoth staff much easier. If the group is even larger, cleaning takes less than 2 minutes. In addition to the area reputation, you will also receive Azoth, equipment and material boxes as a reward.
  • Defeat monsters
    • The strong monsters in the “elite zones”, such as Tottengrotte (Königsfels) or Lichtholt-Insel (Lichtholz), give a lot of reputation when defeated. If you are in a group and they get rid of them very quickly, a lot of prayer calls will accumulate.
  • Faction Missions - PvP
    • These missions give you a lot of rewards, but are sometimes frustrating because you can lose your progress here very quickly. This is where your group comes in, because together you are stronger and the likelihood of survival increases significantly.

What you can do on the side:

  • Side missions
    • In New World, the side missions are mostly arduous. For many, you'll have to push a few miles first, and the rewards aren't really top notch. So take each one and see which ones you can take with you on the way.
  • "?" Reveal places
    • Again, you get some experience and reputation, but not much. Accordingly, you only discover such places on the side when you walk from A to B and the unknown spot is nearby.
  • Invasion and war
    • Since these only take place every few days, you can of course get a small bonus here as well.

Prioritize your area bonuses carefully

What are the advantages anyway? There are currently 10 different buffs that you can choose from. According to the achievements, the area reputation can rise to 300 and thus you have 299 points that you can distribute.

Now you could think: "Oh, if I ever get that many points anyway, I'll just give them away". Not correct!

There are some buffs that are not as effective as others in the long run. We'll show you which ones exist and how good they are

  1. Warehouse expansion
    • Absolutely necessary. Unlike other buffs, there is no decrease in yield the more often this buff is selected. You can get up to 1600 storage space.
  2. Collect faster
    • Good buff, but not as good as initially thought. As the game progresses, you get better tools that completely overshadow this buff. You also have to pay attention to whether you collect materials in this area later in the game. Because there are more rare raw materials in higher areas
  3. Area call bonus
    • You receive a bonus on all reputation points. Better at the beginning but worse towards the end. Here, too, you can sink some points, but not all of them.
  4. Trade tax relief
    • Very important buff that you absolutely want to choose if you deal a lot with the trading post in the area. However, there are only a few “key areas” where this benefit is useful. In some regions there is little or no trading.
  5. Station fee - reduce manufacturing costs
    • If you plan to manufacture a lot in the respective area, you can save a lot of gold with this buff. If you can, concentrate on one area where you are mainly doing your job so that you can specialize in other areas.
  6. Faction tokens
    • A buff that only appeals to a few. Faction tokens are used at the beginning of the game to buy equipment or pocket runes, but the older the server, the more they fall off. If you do faction missions often, score more points in here.
  7. More items in housing
    • You can place some items in your home that will bring global benefits such as fishing 20% ​​faster. But in general you only take this buff if you are into housing and want to flex your decorations as well.
  8. Reduce property tax
    • If your company does not own the area, you can take advantage of this. Otherwise you have to hand in taxes every week, so it can quickly become very expensive. If you own several lots in the settlement, you should think about it
  9. More experience points
    • This card is a trap. You get this card very rarely and the scaling is very weak. In addition, this card is useless once you reach level 60. Put in 1 point right at the beginning and prioritize the above buffs.
  10. Home ownership enables
    • This card always comes with area call 10 and you cannot skip it.

How do you distribute the points effectively? There is no such thing as a perfect plan. Depending on the area and your specialization, you can distribute the points to the buffs from which you benefit the most. You also have to make sure that you don't put everything in a buff, because the principle of diminishing returns applies here. The more you prioritize an advantage, the less it brings you. We'll show you some popular prioritizations that might appeal to you.

  • Balance division - the perfect all-rounder
    • EXP (1, at level 1)
    • Home Ownership (1)
    • Warehouse Management (64)
    • Area Call (37)
    • Reduce manufacturing costs (38)
    • Lower trade tax (38)
    • Collect Faster (38)
    • Faction Tokens (37)
    • Property tax (37)
    • More furniture (10)
  • Trading Empire - Trading, gathering, and manufacturing maximized
    • EXP (1, at level 1)
    • Home Ownership (1)
    • Warehouse Management (64)
    • Area Call (42)
    • Reduce manufacturing costs (42)
    • Lower trade tax (42)
    • Collect Faster (42)
    • Faction Tokens (19)
    • Property tax (37)
    • More furniture (10)
  • Housing - The furniture enthusiast
    • EXP (1, at level 1)
    • Home Ownership (1)
    • Warehouse Management (64)
    • Area Call (35)
    • Reduce manufacturing costs (34)
    • Lower trade tax (34)
    • Collect Faster (34)
    • Faction Tokens (34)
    • Property tax (42)
    • More furniture (20)

The areas at a glance

How many areas are there at the moment? The island of Aeternum is divided into 14 areas at release and each of them has a recommended level. However, you can only improve your reputation in 11 territories. Here is a small overview of the areas in which you can build your reputation and in which you cannot.

  • Areas with a call system
    1. Königsfels
    2. Always fall
    3. Wind circle
    4. First light
    5. Entermesserriff
    6. Light house
    7. Webermoor
    8. Choppy coast
    9. Complaint number
    10. Balance
    11. Brackish water
  • Areas without a call system
    1. Deep canyon
    2. Edenhain
    3. Bruchberg

We hope you got a good look at this complicated topic. What will you prioritize? Are you the all-rounder, are you building a trading empire, or do you have your own plan? We would be happy to receive your comments. 

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