New World: What types of damage are there and against whom do they cause the most damage?


New World: What types of damage are there and against whom do they cause the most damage?

In New World there are different types of damage such as stab, blow or fire damage. In PvE, different types of monsters also have resistances or susceptibilities to these types of damage. If you want to prepare perfectly for a dungeon or have it easier against a boss, you should definitely know these strengths and weaknesses.

What types of damage are there? New World offers three different types of physical damage and six different types of elemental damage:

  • Cut damage (sword, battle ax, hatchet)
  • Stab damage (rapier, spear, musket, bow, sometimes sword)
  • Slash damage (hammer)
  • Fire damage (fire stick)
  • Ice damage (ice gauntlets)
  • Nature Damage (Life Staff)
  • Lightning damage
  • Arkanschaden
  • Calamity damage

Can you have elemental damage on all weapons? Yes, that's why some types cannot be assigned to a specific weapon. the socket system and the various jewels to You can use convert your weapon damage into fire damage or arcane damage. 

This is how effective the various types of damage are

What types of monsters are there? Different types of opponents are waiting for you in New World. These include, for example, those corrupted by the Azoth, the giant natural creatures of Angry Earth or completely normal animals, here called beasts.

Each of these types of monsters has certain strengths and weaknesses, which affects the damage done. In a table * you can see the respective advantages and disadvantages:

* You can scroll the table horizontally 

continue Beasts Lost Ancestral Guardians Angry Earth
cut -15 % +20 %
Sting +20 % +20 % -15 % -15 %
Blow -15 % +10 % +20 %
Fire -40 % +30 %
ice cream – 40 % +15 %
nature +15 % +30 %
Blitz +30 % -40 %
Arkan +30 %
Calamity -40 % +15 %

In which dungeon do you meet which monster?

  • Amrhein excavation - especially lost and ancestral guards
  • The Destroyed Obelisk - Mostly Ancestral Guardians
  • The Depths - Especially Corrupted
  • Dynasty Ship Value - Especially Corrupted
  • Lazarus instruments - currently unknown
  • Garden of Origin - Primarily Ancestral Guardians

Will you adapt your type of damage to enemies in the open world and in dungeons? Or do you forego the bonus and prefer to play as you want?

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