New World: With this strong DPS build you rock boss fights and expeditions


New World: With this strong DPS build you rock boss fights and expeditions

Expeditions. This is the name given to the classic dungeons in New World that are explored in a group. We tell you in this article how you can use this DPS build to stand out against dungeon bosses with a lot of damage.

New World 8 Amazing Builds
New World 8 Amazing Builds

Which DPS build is it? Do you love to cause the most damage to bosses or generally individual opponents and thus get through the expedition quickly? This build shows you how you can deal immense damage and has a very high survival rate.

What is an expedition anyway? Expeditions are instances in which different monsters and bosses are up to mischief. In a group of up to 5 players, you have to solve various tasks and puzzles in addition to fights with opponents.

At the end there is always a powerful boss waiting for you who wants to make life difficult for you. In total you can let off steam in 6 different expeditions. 

The perfect executor with hatchet and musket

Why this combination of all things? As a DMG dealer, it is your job to cause as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time. In addition, a good damage dealer should always have an ace up his sleeve when it comes to survival. Because a dead player does no harm.

With the hatchet and its associated berserk mode, you get an attack buff that affects all attacks. The active skills have a high attack value and when the going gets tough you have the ability to be invincible for a few seconds. In addition, your attacks cannot be interrupted, so you don't waste time dodging attacks.

As soon as you retreat, you can let your life points heal up in the back rows and meanwhile perforate the enemy with your musket or inflict great damage on monsters that are difficult to reach in close combat.

How do I distribute my attributes? “Dexterity” is the magic word here, because this is the main attribute for the musket and the secondary attribute for the hatchet. Here you can incorporate most of the points. In addition to more damage, the critical hit rate of your weapons also increases.

Leave some points in the constitution, because you don't want to fight with death every time you hit the enemy. 

Distribution of the attributes on level 60

How do I skill the hatchet? We're focusing on the berserk path with this build.

The active skills are:

  •     Berserker
  •     Wild rush
  •     Thundering floods 

In the following screenshot you can see the order in which you develop your skills and passives. 

Distribution of attributes on level 60 - hatchet

How do I skill the musket? Here the focus is on the sniper path. Compared to the trapper, this one has significantly more penetrating power.

The active skills are:

  •     Powerful shot
  •     Powder burn
  •     Shooter stance 

In which order do you distribute your skill points? The screenshot helps you to determine this: 

Distribution of attributes to level 60 - musket

What equipment should you wear? For this build, I recommend the light or medium gear weight. Both bring both advantages and disadvantages.

  •     Light armor: You get 20% more damage output and are a lot more agile. Since bosses and strong individual opponents often deal area-effective damage, you can quickly get into distress or even be defeated in one fell swoop. We recommend this route for more advanced players who can skillfully use the boss mechanics and dodging.
  •     Medium armor: In contrast to light armor, you get 10% bonus damage here and your crowd control lasts 10% longer. You lose a little damage, but you are a lot more robust. This means that you will not get into a panic situation and therefore you will not lose any time having to start unnecessary evasive maneuvers and you can therefore rather deal damage. Perfect for newcomers or players who are more on the safe side! 

When it comes to attribute bonuses, you particularly value skill, the more, the better. You can pack in constitution, but note that you lose damage by doing so.

Find your sweet spot here, with how much you get along with. And last but not least, you can use your strengths, but as soon as you can exchange them for skill points, don't be afraid to do so.

What is the rotation of skills like? Here we tell you in which order you should use the skills. To make the combo easier to understand, I add the number of the corresponding weapon path after each “skill”. So you know in the skill tree which skill it is (K for hatchet and M for musket).

  •     Start your skill rotation with your "Berserker" (K1).
  •     With your "Wild Rush" (K5) you can jump to the boss immediately and deal him 2 blows.
  •     Then immediately get rid of "Thundering Tides" (K4) and do not forget to follow up with a light attack after the 4th blow. The passive "Final Blow" (K10) allows you to deal additional damage.
  •     You should use the rest of the time in berserk mode to carry out a combination of light and heavy attacks. 

As soon as the berserk mode ends and everything is on cooldown, you have to weigh up. Can I stay in hand-to-hand combat?

  •     If so,
        then try to bridge this time with light / heavy attacks until you have "Berserker" (K1) available again. Then the rotation starts all over again. 
  •     If no or your character almost died,
        withdraw and get your musket out. 
  •         Strike first with “Mighty Shot” (M1) and immediately follow suit with “Powder Burn” (M2). The passives "initial contact" (M5) and "smoke explosion" (M9) also increase the damage of your shots.
  •         Now the stage is clear for “shooting stance” (M3). After this rotation has been completed, you can switch back to hand-to-hand combat and repeat the whole thing, or continue until your character has been completely healed and you can throw yourself back into the fray. 
Are you also hot for immense damage in expeditions and play other weapons? Or do you not like the DMG dealer role at all and do you prefer to play the healer? Do you already have a master plan and know which weapons to take with you on expeditions? 

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