One of the most annoying quests in New World comes at level 16 - this is how you solve it


One of the most annoying quests in New World comes at level 16 - this is how you solve it

If you follow the main quest in New World (Steam), you will stumble across the order "The weakness of the ego" between levels 16 and 18. This quest is extremely annoying and that's why we give you tips on how to do it most easily.

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A Knight's Quest - Solving Puzzles

What kind of quest is that? “The weakness of the ego” is part of the main storyline and is designed for level 18 players. However, you can accept them earlier and theoretically solve them at a lower level.

Basically, the quest sounds relatively simple. All you have to do is find certain materials:

  • 3x water
  • 3x the mushroom flower cap
  • 3x the river cress stalk plant

But that is exactly not as easy as it sounds on paper.

Great value for harvest work required for Quest

What makes the quest so annoying? The water is of course not a problem. But collecting the plants is extremely annoying.

On the one hand, you need the harvest work on rank 30 for the two plants. That assumes that you are walking around the world and trying to find herbs, hemp or berries. Because all other plants require rank 30 or higher. And these plants are currently being sought by dozens of players.

On the other hand, the two special plants, flower cap and river cress, are very rare. So many players are currently on the lookout for the plants that they can hardly be found on full servers. If you are in the wrong area, you will not be able to find the flower cap.

Why is the quest so important? Via the main story, you also get to the Azoth staff at about level 18. With that you can seal a breach of depravity, which will be important for the world events later.

So you should definitely do the quest.

The quest "The weakness of the ego" takes a lot of patience

This is how you solve the quest: First you have to make sure that you improve your rank in harvesting and you can do that before you have even accepted the quest.

In theory, the easiest way to do this is in the Windkreis area at the fast travel point, to which the main story automatically leads you. There are heaps of hemp plants growing there and if you harvest all of them in the vicinity, you will have reached the rank in a flash.

In practice, however, dozens of players are trying to do exactly what you are doing, and the hemp in the area is extremely competitive.

We therefore recommend that you harvest the hemp plants around the city of First Light and the associated fort. Here you come by shortly before the quest "The weakness of the ego" anyway. Harvested all the plants twice and you've done an annoying aspect.

In the second step you have to harvest the flower cap and the river cress:

  • The river cress is always found near water and especially in the Windkreis and Immerfall areas
  • The flower cap is only (!) In the Windkreis area

With the two plants, too, it makes sense to harvest directly around the fast travel point. Because both plants grow there. But as mentioned, many other players are also collecting and it leads to frustration if you constantly get the plants stolen in front of your nose.

We therefore recommend that you simply collect the flower cap and the river cress when you walk back towards the fast travel point from first light. Several of these plants grow at the transition to the Windkreis area and you save travel costs at the same time:

At the transition between the wind circle and first light there are numerous flower caps and river cress stems

Have you done the quest, then you have come a big step closer to the Azoth staff.

How did you find the quest “The weakness of the ego”? Did it bother you so much or did you manage to solve it without any problems?

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