Packages in Hearthstone Mercenaries: price, info and drop rate

 What do the Hearthstone Mercenaries Bundles have in store for you? Heroes, coins, and even golden portraits.

Packages in Hearthstone Mercenaries: price, info and drop rate

As in the base game, packages will be an important part of Hearthstone Mercenaries . Available for purchase in the store for 100 coins, they will be your main source of mercenaries or coins for them.

What's in the Hearthstone Mercenaries packages?

Each mercenary pack follows a simple recipe, much like a classic game pack. They can contain 3 types of objects:

  • A Mercenary card. Allows you to play the Mercenary in the game.
  • Mercenary pieces . They are linked to a mercenary, and are used to unlock or improve them.
  • Portraits of mercenaries. They are simply alternative skins.

Each pack has a guaranteed mercenary card. For the rest, the game draws 4 items from the list above.

Mercenaries are divided into three rarities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Their cards are unique, which means the game will always give you a brand new mercenary as long as you don't own all of that rarity. Once all the mercenaries of a rarity have been obtained, you will obtain portraits of that rarity (see below).

Rarity and drop rate for mercenaries

Obviously, each rarity has different drop rates. Here are the average drop rates for the different card rarities:

  • Rare: Each package contains at least one Rare Mercenary
  • Epic: On average, one card for every 5 packs
  • Legendary: On average, one card for every 20 packs. But you have a guaranteed Legendary in your first 10 packages.

Mercenary Coin Drop Rate

Each pack can contain one or more drops of coins, for any mercenary. The drops contain between 35 and 45 pieces. Here is their drop rate:

  • Rare Coins: On average 12 times in 10 packs. You will therefore generally have it each time you open a package.
  • Epic Coins: On average 10 times in 10 packs.
  • Legendary Coins: On average 8 times in 10 packs.

And once I have all the mercenaries? The portraits

If you have followed correctly, there is still some part of the packages that has not yet been covered in this article. Portraits for mercenaries. And here, things get slightly complicated. Let's start with the basics: Mercenary portraits are alternate skins for your heroes. Once you have obtained all Mercenary Cards of a rarity, their drops will be replaced with portraits.

But it does not stop there. Each mercenary has 3 golden portraits, and legendaries also have a diamond portrait . To get them, you'll have to be lucky. Whenever you get a portrait of a mercenary, the portrait has a chance to be gold or diamond, depending on the mercenary's rarity:

  • For legendary mercenaries: 30% chance of having one of the golden portraits, 10% of having the diamond one
  • For Rare and Epic Mercenaries: 33.3% chance of getting one of the Golden Portraits.
It is not possible to obtain the same portrait of a mercenary more than once until you have all the portraits for that mercenary. Once this point is reached, the duplicate portraits become coins. This will give you 50 coins for a Rare mercenary, 75 coins for an Epic, and 100 for a Legendary.

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