Play New World on Mobile - Nice Gimmick or Super Useful?


Play New World on Mobile - Nice Gimmick or Super Useful?

The new MMORPG New World is officially only playable on the PC. With a little trick you can still play the game on your smartphone. We'll tell you how it works and what it's good for.

This is how New World works on the mobile phone: The somewhat strange setup is made possible by the SteamLink app, which is available for both Android and iOS. The app comes from Steam itself and allows you to stream games from your PC to your smartphone.

The installation is very simple. All you have to do is download and start the app. If your PC and your mobile phone are in the same network, which, by the way, is also necessary for use, all you have to do is enter a code on your PC and off you go.

If you now access SteamLink and your PC is switched on and Steam is open, you can now scroll through your library and search for New World. By clicking on “play” the game loads and you can play.

How does SteamLink work? Of course, the whole thing not only works with New World, but also with many other games in your library. The principle behind it is as simple as it is efficient.

Your PC performs the computing power and streams the game over your network to the mobile phone screen. This means that an existing network connection must be maintained on both devices. Both devices must be in the same network.

Then you can send commands directly to your PC with a possible controller or the mobile phone touchscreen. You take over the remote control of your computer, so to speak, in order to gamble on your smartphone. 

New World becomes a mini-game on the smartphone

How does it play? You can start and play New World on your smartphone without any further problems, but there are some stumbling blocks that you have to come to terms with.

The biggest one is the controls, because the cell phone screen is extremely fiddly. You can use the options at the top left to make certain settings for the layout and the function of the buttons, but that worked rather poorly than well in our test. 

Settings made several times were not saved and seem to be reassigned randomly. In addition, the original placement of the mouse buttons is very suboptimal and often simply in the way.

Unfortunately, there are no buttons for a few functions, such as aiming with a bow and musket. Nevertheless, the game runs smoothly, looks good graphically and once you get used to the controls, simple tasks shouldn't be a problem.

What is it useful for? We'd rather not rush into challenging fights or expeditions with our smartphones. The control on the touchscreen is simply too imprecise and cumbersome for that.

However, it is ideal for lying comfortably on the couch and clearing away one or the other forest. Because logging, mining or fishing work great on the mobile phone and hardly require any attention or complex activities on the part of the character.

Very light fights, for example to farm leather and animal skins, are also not a problem. Only when you have to evade, block or use combos does the smartphone control reach its limits.

The solution would also be conceivable for crafting, but we would rather recommend a tablet, since the small font in the crafting menu is very small on a standard smartphone.

  • Good for light activities
  • Become a better lumberjack while sitting comfortably on the couch
  • Keep an eye on possible queue positions
  • Runs smoothly and without lag
  • Operation rather suboptimal
  • Some functions are not available on the phone
  • Not suitable for more complex tasks 

What do you think? Have you already tried New World on your smartphone or used SteamLink, for example to outsmart the AFK timer? Do you find the function useful or rather pointless? Feel free to write it to us in the comments 

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