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Roblox guide: list with all emote commands


Roblox guide: list with all emote commands

In a social video game it is important to know how to communicate. From the basics like a chat to be able to chat to sprinkling it with emotions, the commonly called emotes to emphasize some feeling, like dancing.

Roblox , one of the most popular, especially within the children's sector, is not the exception and has a large list of commands for emotes . And beware, there are some that you can unlock first for free .

What are commands and how to use them in Roblox

When talking about command, the first thing you probably think of is that kind of experienced military man. But here we are referring rather to that series of codes that perform a specific function. In Windows we have for example the command appwiz.cpl to check all the installed programs; or something simpler like calc to open the calculator. Don't worry, on Roblox it's basic .

Unless you are an administrator of the game, whose functions increase, here we are going to refer only to the commands to perform emotes. And to use them you will have to open the chat first. This is done with the Shift plus <> key , or by clicking on the messages icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. After this, for the emote in question, the initial pattern will always be the same: / e + code of the emote with its basic definition in English (dance = dance).

If you need help with the commands you can also use /? or / help .

On the other hand, if a game has chat disabled, you won't be able to use the commands.

Basic emotes that come standard with the game

From laughing to dancing, to cheering, greeting or pointing. Are these:

  • / e cheer
  • / e dance
  • / e dance2
  • / e dance3
  • / e laugh
  • / e point
  • / e wave

Rest of emotes ... that you will have to pay first

For the vast majority of emotes you will have to pay, with a price that will range from a minimum of 25 Roblux to a whopping 1,000 . These are the available ones:

  • / e beg
  • / e blowkiss
  • / e bow
  • / e bringit
  • / e cell
  • / e chestpuff
  • / e choke
  • / e clap
  • / e confused
  • / e cry
  • / e drink
  • / e eat
  • / e evillaugh
  • / e excited
  • / e fistpound
  • / e flex
  • / e flirt
  • / e head
  • / e no
  • / e pose
  • / and observe
  • / e pickup
  • / e picture
  • / e read
  • / e rest
  • / e rude
  • / e salute
  • / e search
  • / e shake
  • / e sleep
  • / e smokebomb
  • / e strong
  • / e terminal
  • / e thumbsup
  • / e walkie
  • / e wary
  • / e watch