Script for training with bots - protecting any bots


Script for training with bots - protecting any bots

A trainer is an important part of playing CS: GO. It will be much more effective if you train with bots. Yes, there are special cards for this that allow you to train aim and reaction. But did you know that you can direct bots to a specific position on a standard map (de_dust 2, de_inferno, etc.)?

In this article, we will help you by sharing a script that can make bots run wherever you want!

First, you need to download this very script, or rather, it is several cfg files, that is, configs. LINK TO DOWNLOAD .

Further it will be in steps:

  1. After downloading, unzip in " steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo \ cfg"
  2. Start the normal bot game mode on the map you want to practice.
  3. Add the required amount by the bot using the bot_add_t console command
  4. Write in the console " exec name of bent_map.cfg" . For example: exec a_dust2.cfg
  5. Play!

Helpful hints:

  • If the bots do not come to you, then press F9, they will spawn again.
  • F10 makes bots run with knives.
  • F6, F7, F8 for other weapons.
  • Look at the ground and press E to make the bots go to this po

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