Set 6 TFT: PBE Compositions to try before the official release

 TFT's Set 6 comes to the PBE, and it's easy to get lost. Here are some interesting compounds to try during the first days of the testing phase!

The Set 6 of teamfight Tactics arrives this Tuesday, October 19, 2021 on the RGW . With 58 new champions and 27 new classes and origins , it's easy to get lost for those who would like to participate in the testing phase.

We therefore offer you a list of around fifteen compositions to try on PBE . Obviously, they are not necessarily optimal and the game will move a lot, but they will allow you to have a roadmap. 

Mercenary Comps with Gangplank and Miss Fortune 

Mercenary Compo with Gangplank and Miss Fortune
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If you've played Set 4, the trait Mercenary should remind you of Nanti (or Fortune). He encourages you to lose rounds and then win and open a chest full of rewards . It's very relevant to play this start if you have a Hextech Augmentation that gives you a Mercenary Emblem for example.

Once you've collected your reward, you can rotate through different compositions. With items from Miss Fortune you can for example go and play a champion like Kai'Sa , or with physical damage items on Gangplank you can go on a Fiora or a Jhin . Find details on these compositions below.

Sniper Comps with Jhin 

 Jhin Range is a perfect example of a standard 4 Physical DPS. It has good range, can reach the opponent's backline if properly aligned, and can use just about any physical damage item.

For the rest of the roster, you can go play 4 Snipers if you have Emblems or Hextech Augments , but otherwise adapt to what you need: Bodyguards for more frontline, Enchanters for more protection. ..

Comps Mutant with Kai'Sa 

Compo Mutant with Kai'Sa

This composition is more or less powerful depending on the bonus offered by the trait Mutant in your game. If it is the one who executes the targets and allows to deal pure damage, Kai'Sa will be extremely powerful. The version that allows additional attacks is also relevant.

way, with this you want to try to hit level 8 or 9 by generally playing Either build Kog'Maw in transition, then playing Kai'Sa in carry with attack speed and magic power items.

Academy Comps with Yone 

Academy Compo with Yone

Yone can deal a lot of damage by going looking for the opposing backline with his mind. He has the advantage of having the trait Challenger which gives him attack speed and Academy which gives him damage and power. He takes great advantage of the Ultra-Fast Cannon to stay safe behind his frontline.

The rest of the is rather flexible, with the possibility of playing champions like Jayce , roster Yuumi , Galio , Fiora or even Lux as secondary carries at the end of the game.

Featured Comps with Fiora 

Featured Compo with Fiora

A bit in the same vein as the previous one, Fiora is more of an excellent tank killer thanks to his pure damage and his ability to be untargetable? She is very interesting to play with 3 Star (Socialite) for omnivampirism and extra damage, making her very difficult to kill.

As with the Yone component, it can be played with various secondary carries, such as Galio , Jayce or Yone . Giving utility items to Yuumi can also be a great idea.

Arcanist Comps with Lux and Vex 

Arcanist Compo with Lux and Vex

If you have a Hextech Augmentation relevant with the Arcanists (an Emblem , the shield depending on the power ...), this composition can be very interesting. You can use Vex as a main tank with its magical power boosted shield, while Lux deals damage.

At the end of the game, Viktor is a relevant secondary carry. However, try to roll to level 7 or 8 to find 3-star Vex if possible, as this significantly increases the strength of the composition.

Twinshot Comps with Urgot and Jinx 

Urgot can be played in different ways: either with standard physical damage items (Last Breath, Infinity Blade ...), or with Statikk Daggers to benefit from the fact that it attacks very quickly once its spell is activated. . You can then play Jinx as a secondary carry, which can use potency like attack damage.

For your frontline, you are relatively flexible, although you obviously want to play Vi to give Sister  to Jinx . It is also possible to get 4 Twinshot with the help of Hextech Augments .

Assassin Comps with Shaco and Akali 

The Assassins always form a viable composition with generally carry main Shaco . This one can be played with  Syndicate to give it omnivampirism, and it is interesting to roll at the end of the game to try to have it in 3 stars . Another option at the end of the game is to play Akali as a secondary carry.

This composition benefits enormously from Hextech Augments which give Emblems Assassin , bonuses for Syndicate or additional attack damage to champions on the first two lines for example.

Scrap Reroll Comps with Ezreal 

Scrap Reroll Compo with Ezreal

The Scrap are very interesting to play early in the game in transition as they allow to have complete objects with just your components. But if you have a lot of them, you can play Ezreal 3 star as a main carry with a slow roll strategy at level 5 .

Your objective is then to give 2 items to your carries / tanks (ideally Ezreal , Blitzcrank / Trundle and Jinx ) and then to give 1 component to all your Scrap Metal . The randomly created item is always a recipe from the component, so favor a Chainmail , Negatron's Cloak or Giant's Belt on your frontline, a BF Glaive on Ezreal oversized , an Wand or a Goddess's Tear on Janna and Ziggs , and what you have left on Jinx .

Comps Reroll Chemtech with Twitch and Singed 

Compo Reroll Chemtech with Twitch and Singed

If you find a lot of Twitch and Singed at the start of the game, you can play a slow roll strategy at level 5 to get them at 3 stars . Twitch can then be relevant carry, especially with a blade fatal and Infinity Blade to enable its one-shot out of its targets.

This composition benefits enormously from Hextech Augments which give Emblems Assassin , bonuses for Chemtech or additional attack damage to champions on the first two lines for example.

Comps Reroll Yordle with Tristana and Poppy 

Comps Reroll Yordle with Tristana and Poppy

The yordles are easy to move 3 stars since the trait you give extra each round. As a result, you can slow roll to levels 6/7 to try and get them all, especially Tristana who is your main DPS, and Poppy who is your tank.

Once you have all of your 6 3-star Yordles spawn , the game will a Veigar every round. This is a legendary unit that benefits from the trait Yordle AoE and can deal massive magic damage. Unlocking it quickly will be your victory condition.

Comps Reroll Bruiser with Vi and Jinx 

Comps Reroll Bruiser with Vi and Jinx

If you have a lot of copies of Vi quickly, you can play her as a main carry with a slow roll strategy at level 6 to get her up to 3 stars . By the way, try playing Trundle and possibly Zac 3 stars if you have a lot of them.

Then the objective is to rush to level 8 to find Jinx and give your a big boost Vi . This one can also act as a secondary carry, by providing more physical DPS to go with the magic burst of its Sister .

Mutant Reroll Comps with Kog'Maw and Cho'Gath 

Mutant Reroll Comps with Kog'Maw and Cho'Gath

This composition is rather similar to that with Kai'Sa : it is to be privileged with the good mutations. Kog'Maw particularly like the one that offers him the pure damage , one who gives it additional attacks . If you have a lot of copies of the latter, you want to slow roll at level 6 to pass it 3 stars , also taking champions like Tristana , Cho'Gath, and Malzahar .

If these are not absolutely necessary in 3 stars, Cho'Gath is particularly relevant since it is your main tank. Remember that if you are challenged you can still go for level 8 and play Kai'Sa instead of Kog'Maw .

Comps Reroll Chemtech with Lissandra and Zac 

Comps Reroll Chemtech with Lissandra and Zac

Lissandra can deal massive AoE magic damage, while taking advantage of her trait Scholar to generate a lot of mana. It is therefore possible to play it in slow roll level 7 to pass it 3 stars , alongside Zac and Heimerdinger .

You do not have to play 5 Chemtech at the end of the game, it is important to know how to adapt your game according to your needs. You can for example add more Scholars , Enchanters , Bruise ...

Comps Reroll Innovator with Heimerdinger and Taric 

Comps Reroll Innovator with Heimerdinger and Taric

With an start Innovative , you can try to go for it at level 8, or you can decide to play Heimerdinger carry. In this case, you want to slow roll at level 7 to pass it 3 stars , taking Taric and the Zilean in process if possible. The former can be a very good tank, while the latter offers a lot of utility with mana generation.

This composition is to be preferred if you have Hextech Augments that help your Innovation , such as the one that counts as if you had 2 more , or the one that allows it to repair itself .

Comps Peeba at level 9 

Comps Peeba at level 9

Finally, some things do not change on TFT. If you're still having a great start / mid-game, especially with Hextech Augments that help you out at this point, or if you have great economy, you can always rush to level 9 to play a “Peeba” lineup with Legendaries 2. stars .

The heart of the line-up will generally be the combination of Galio and Yuumi for the frontline, and your carry will depend on your items. Viktor , Kai'Sa or Akali prefer magic damage, Jayce and Jinx prefer physical damage items ...

Remember that the PBE is a testing phase. Many champions and traits are going to be modified during the two weeks until the official release date of Set 6 , and the compositions we offer are not yet optimized versions . It is above all the opportunity to learn the game without being too lost. Good luck to everyone ! 

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