Setting up a mouse in CS: GO

Setting up a mouse in CS: GO

 The most important thing in CS: GO is the mouse. Therefore, for the best game you just need to fine-tune the mouse for yourself. Therefore, especially for you, we have compiled a detailed description of how to set up a mouse in CS: GO! 

Setting up your mouse consists of several parts, namely:

a) Setting up a mouse in Windows,

b) Setting up a mouse in CS: GO,

c) Selecting DPI (setting up mouse drivers).

Setting up a mouse in Windows.

I would like to start with the basic thing - the mouse settings in the OS. To do this, you need to go to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Cursor Settings.

Windows has its own mouse sensitivity. Most pro players rate Windows as 6/11. They also disable acceleration either as in the “Enable increased pointer positioning accuracy” settings. Increasing the speed of the mouse pointer will cause the crosshair to skip pixels in the game. For example, if the value is 8/11, 2 pixels are skipped, and if there is still high precision, then several pixels will be skipped. If you set the value lower, then some of your mouse movements will be skipped, that is, to move the crosshair by a few pixels, you will have to move the mouse more, although the minimum movement will still move the crosshair by 1 pixel.

Customizing the mouse in CS: GO. 

Let's move on to the mouse settings directly in the game itself. There is not much to change in the game itself, however, these parameters play an important role in the customization of the mouse.

So, you need to go to "Game Options" -> "Keyboard / Mouse" . The important elements here are Mouse Sensitivity, Direct Connect and Mouse Acceleration.

Let's start in order.

Mouse sensitivity. Quite simply, put the value that is convenient for you. You can use either a slider or manually enter a value.

Direct connection . This item forces the game to ignore the Windows mouse settings and use the default values. But you ask why it is, if we have already configured the mouse in Windows? This item will be useful ifYou are too lazyYou don't have time to configure your mouse in the OS.

Mouse acceleration . It is recommended to turn off this item, as it will be extremely harmful for you. However, it will be useful for those who have an office wireless mouse. In this case, you can use this function. It helps to remove the delay with which the mouse moves with sudden movements.

Adjustment by the mouse driver (DPI selection)

What is DPI , you ask?

DPI (Dots Per Inch)  - the number of dots per inch (2.54 cm). For example, you have a 1000 DPI monitor (that is, 1000 dots per 1 inch), and the mouse speed is 800 DPI - this means that if you move the mouse 1 inch, it will travel 1 inch on the monitor, but will miss several dots on the monitor. ...

How do I set it up? Each mouse has its own driver. For example, the manufacturer SteelSeries has a SteelSeries Engine program, in which you can fine-tune your mouse. This is where you can change the DPI value of your mouse. But some cheap mice do not have such programs, so you have to be content with the values ​​that were given initially.

What DPI is optimal for playing CS: GO? There is no definite answer to this question, but there are statistical data. So, most of the high ranked players use DPI values ​​of 400, 800.

Again, it's worth reiterating that everyone has their own preferences. Therefore, there is no clear answer to this question. Some people like big sensation, so they use high DPI values. And someone likes a little sensation, therefore they put a low DPI value.

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