Skin Changer for CS: GO - what it does, how to install it and is it banned


Skin Changer for CS: GO - what it does, how to install it and is it banned

The release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive in 2012 did not become an incredible boom in the gaming industry, but old players were reluctant to switch to the new engine. This happened for two reasons - insufficient PC power or a simple reluctance to get used to the new physics of the beloved shooter.

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OSU! - How To Download & Install Skins

The situation was radically changed by the introduction of skins for weapons and knives in CS: GO. But not everyone can afford Valve's pixel prices, and this article will tell you about Skin Changer in CS: GO - what kind of program it is and why the Polish version is popular. You will understand if SC is a cheat and why you can get a VAC ban for it.

What does Skin Changer do in CS: GO?

Skin Changer in CS: GO is a special third-party program for automatically replacing the appearance of a weapon (skin) when playing on the official and pirated servers of the game.

There are six main points of the work of any program from this area:

  1. Installing skins. From AWP Dragon Lore to Glock Fade - weapons for every taste and color.
  2. Change of knives. From kermabite to butterfly knife - any type and wear of the knife.
  3. Adding stickers, graffiti. Press T and enjoy colorful graffiti, and cover the skins with expensive stickers.
  4. Installation of a new radar. Not to be confused with a maphak - only the type of the map changes.
  5. Improved graphics. The shaders are auto-changed to make the picture more pleasing.
  6. Automatic saving of configuration. No need to bother copying files - everything will be saved at the first setup and will change depending on user actions.

The essence of the work is quite simple - the user downloads the utility on the PC, installs and launches it before starting the game process (starting the game from Steam or a local disk). After that, the settings are made according to the main parameters, which, when saved in the future, will load the necessary skins in advance.

The secret of fast and almost uninterrupted operation is simple and trivial - each skin has already been downloaded to the hard drive, but it is protected by the system until it is purchased on the trading platform, or exchanged from another player.

It is important to note that all the following information is presented for information only. Skin Changer in CS: GO is not an official add-on or program from Steam, which means it can endanger personal data, the contents of inventory or files on a personal computer.

Use third-party software only at your own peril and risk - now we are dealing with installing a normal Skin Changer without viruses in CS: GO. 

How to install the app

Due to the comparative popularity of the program, scammers and hackers are not averse to playing on the curiosity of inexperienced users by offering them to download “the coolest Skin Changer without registration and SMS”.

Most of the links to such pleasure are crammed with viruses, ads, and the fake changers themselves are often ordinary miners or Trojans with auto-run ads in the background.

Such a “gift” will significantly reduce the performance of your computer, sometimes it will completely take away your account with your favorite games without the possibility of a return.

A more or less proven way to get Dragon Lor or Medusa without buying on the trading platform is to download the program on a trusted resource. The offered skin changer has been in operation for 4 years and is constantly being updated.

Let's make a little acquaintance - so that, if you wish, do not bother you with watching training videos:

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Checking by the browser can show a danger to the system - we ignore the warning.
  3. Open the folder and unpack it to a convenient location on your local disk.
  4. We are looking for a shortcut "CS: GO Changer" and open it.
  5. We press the item "Start the game", first opening the Steam window.
  6. After loading and the appearance of the main CS GO window, we minimize the game, go to the “Skin Changer” item of the program, press the “START” button.
  7. Reopen the game window, start a single game with bots.
  8. After loading the map, we buy any weapon.
  9. Press the “Home” button on the keyboard, after which the program menu should appear.
  10. Further - as easy as shelling pears. We select the appropriate skin
If desired and to save time, we install the required weapon in the first pull-out menu and select the required skin for it. After completing the above guide, you can enter the competitive mode, all settings are saved automatically.

Polish Skin Changer Pl

Skin Changer PL or Polish skin changer is another kind of a comparatively working program. This determination is caused by game crashes due to an error in the VAC system check approximately every 6 games.

The program has been gaining momentum in recent months and is distinguished by constant updates, a user-friendly interface and the absence of deleting the config (a similar bug occurs in the previous program quite often).

The link to download the utility is . Usage is similar to the previous guide - only the interface changes.

Is Skin Changer Banned in 2020?

A simple and quick answer: YES - the program can provoke the appearance of a VAC-ban on the account.

The logic is quite simple: the program is somehow introduced into the work of the system, and the latter detects this, marking it as a third-party intervention / hacker program.

Naturally, blocking occurs with a delay, some versions of the program are kept without blocking for several months. But the result is always the same - after a while, there is a jump in user bans, which is no different from the detection of cheating programs.

It should be noted that the chance to "fly off" is still lower than when using WH, AIM, MapHack - the above utilities experienced only 1-2 blocking periods. Not all accounts are banned, so you might get lucky.

Recall that it is impossible to appeal against the VAK, which means that by receiving free skins, you risk losing your simulated experience and the Steam profile in principle.

Skin Changer crashes and does not work - what to do?

In this case, there are only two options:

  1. We try to run the changer program shortcut on behalf of the administrator, restart the computer.
  2. We check for updates on the official website of the developers. Even if there is no update mark, download the file again, deleting the old one.

The folder with the necessary files weighs only a few megabytes, so it will not be difficult. Otherwise, we write to technical support, they answer quickly enough (1-2 days). 

Another option is to turn off the antivirus, which can block the operation of the program, mistaking it for a hidden OS virus.


As a result, the use of such changers in CS: GO can play a cruel joke in the future, even after the end of work with the program. Wak-Ban can arrive months later, leaving the user's inventory without the possibility of withdrawal. Remember this when downloading the utility from one of the links provided. 

The site is not responsible for installing software, information is taken from open sources.

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